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Barloworld Equipment Job Site Solutions (JSS) integrates subject matter experts to do more for our customers. We craft and execute financially flexible solutions that go beyond iron to help customers use capital more efficiently, increase asset utilization, improve efficiency, reduce variability and make more money.


We leverage the power of Barloworld Equipment and Caterpillar by designing innovative solutions that solve customer problems and that have a positive impact on their bottom line. We approach each site differently, striving to deliver exactly what's needed – no more, no less. Every solution includes a unique mix of capabilities using industry best products, technology, services and expertise necessary to meet the customer's definition of success. The goal is to make customers better off tomorrow than they are today.


Help our customer optimize operations, maximize productivity and improve asset utilization across their portfolio, safely and sustainably.


Deliver maximum economic value for our customer with creative solutions that leverage the industry’s best products, services and expertise.


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*Available to Barloworld Rental customers on selected models

Cat PAYLOAD technologies provide on-the-go load weighing to assist operators with hitting precise load targets every time. By bringing load weighing and real-time feedback to the cab, Cat® Payload technology does more than simply eliminate trips to the scale. It also helps you boost productivity, drive down costs, increase operator efficiency and run a safer jobsite. Here’s how:

On-the-Go Load Weighing helps operators hit exact loading targets every time, increasing productivity and reducing cycle times. Eliminating overloading reduces excessive wear, expensive tire damage and dangerous material spills. Eliminating under-loading means you can move more in fewer loads, saving time and fuel.

In-Cab Displays let operators easily see bucket and truck load weights, track load counts and material movement, and monitor productivity and fuel efficiency in real time. On hauling tools, payload lamps and external scoreboard displays provide load status to the loader operator. It all increases accuracy to reduce costly errors and rework.

Comprehensive Reporting lets you track key performance indicators like daily production tonnage, truck load counts, tons/hour, tons/fuel burned and more, then make improvements to boost productivity and profits.

Cat PAYLOAD Technology


VisionLink is a comprehensive remote monitoring and asset management solution, with remarkably intuitive web interfaces that transform data from a customer's entire fleet of equipment into the essential information required to boost productivity, reduce costs and manage risks.



VisionLink Brochures

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Productivity Update

Cat Productivity is a web platform that can be accessed remotely through the internet. Detailed Cat Production Measurement data, machine data and jobsite data is transmitted from the onboard Cat Product Link™ device directly to the web platform. Cat Productivity helps to deliver real benefits for customers such as fuel reduction, cost reduction, improved productivity, optimized efficiency, improved utilization and payload reporting. Customers can access the platform from their mobile, tablet or desktop devices, on or off the jobsite.

Cat Productivity

VisionLink Brochures

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