Built-In Support Included With Every Rental From Carter

When you work in a challenging industry, such as construction, agriculture, mining or forestry, you need equipment that works as hard as you do. Equipment from Carter Rental is maintained to the strictest quality standards and built to stand up to the toughest job sites and work environments.

Every equipment rental from Carter Rental is backed by our commitment to customer service, and includes built-in support from a team of highly trained and reliable professionals ready to ensure your equipment stays up and running.

Productivity & Uptime

Even seasoned professionals know that sometimes things happen that are out of your control. If something goes wrong, you want to know that you can get back up and running immediately. Renting equipment from Carter Rental means you can feel sure that the machine has been well maintained and that you will get the support you need if a breakdown happens

Night & Weekend Service Shifts

Your equipment can only earn you money if it’s in use. Non-operational equipment costs you in unproductive time, as well as the operator’s fee and the time it takes to diagnose and fix the problem.

Carter Rental offers Night and Weekend Preventive Maintenance Service Shifts so we are not servicing your machines during your most productive hours


When you rent equipment, you never want to be left high and dry should an issue arise. Whether you’re in general construction or landscaping or you’ve got a utilities or road construction contract, nothing is built alone.

The Carter Rental team includes Over 1000 Experienced and Highly Skilled Service Technicians. 

Free Technical Support

Every equipment rental from Carter Machinery & The Cat Rental Store is backed by our commitment to customer service. Rest assured that you’ll always have access to our on-site support and expert advice with every rental agreement.

Carter Assist

If you work on your own machines and need some technical support, get stuck mid-repair or just want to talk through an issue with your machine, CarterAssist is here for you.

TethrIt Now

TethrIt Now provides instant access to Carter support directly from your mobile device with no app download required. Quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues while in the field for free!

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