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Working on tall structures and objects can be challenging and hazardous. Rather than climbing and descending ladders or constructing and tearing down scaffolding, professionals can rely on powered aerial lifts to access high places. Companies can consider renting rather than owning an aerial lift to meet the short-term demands of repairs, inspections, installations and construction, and enjoy savings on equipment storage and maintenance costs.

Carter Rental — The Cat® Rental Store carries an array of telescoping boom lifts, accordion-style scissor lifts and compact personnel lifts available for rent. Through The Cat Rental Store, you can find safe, efficient and easy-to-operate lifts from the industry's leading manufacturers. Each of our aerial lift rentals is meticulously inspected by our trained technicians before our customers receive them.

Boom Lifts for Rent in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia

Articulating boom lifts offer high maneuverability and a small footprint in areas with limited space. The jointed sections of these articulating knuckle booms are ideal for reaching up and around ductwork, electrical wiring and high ceilings. For jobs that require the most reach, like window washing, consider investing in a telescoping boom lift.

Either type provides flexibility for operators working indoors or outdoors. Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store rents diesel-fueled or electric-powered boom lifts with varying maximum heights, platform dimensions and weight limits.

Rental Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts extend straight upwards, and with their exceptional stability, are engineered to lift heavier loads than other types of aerial lifts. Our rentable scissor lifts let whole teams and heavy parts rise on the working platform.

Applications for scissor lifts include any temporary project where the lift can be driven underneath the working area, like painting and performing inspections. Consider a heavy-duty scissor lift with rugged four-wheel drive capabilities on a project site with uneven terrain. Additionally, you can rent scissor lifts with different-sized platform areas and fuel sources.

Rent Vertical Personnel Lifts

Our vertical personnel lifts are best used by one worker and offer the smallest footprint and reach. It's common for this type of lift to be electrically driven or pushed around. Specialty lifts for rent may have jibs for horizontal reach. They make a compact solution for maintenance and inventory management, particularly with the high shelving and narrow aisles of warehouses and industrial plants.

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Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store offers the largest inventory of construction and contracting equipment across Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and West Virginia. We make renting an aerial lift affordable with daily, weekly or monthly rates, and we make it simple with swift deliveries to your job site. With our rental team's 24/7 equipment services and support, you'll never have to face unplanned downtime for long.

Browse our wide selection of rentable aerial lifts and request a quote today. If you haven't found the type of aerial work platform you're searching for, get in touch with your local Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store representative for personalized recommendations to suit the job.