Air Compressor Rentals in VA, MD, DE & WV

At remote jobsites, compressed air can be an indispensable asset for many different tasks. A rented portable air compressor is a wise investment for companies searching for inexpensive air delivery to their tools, machinery and other equipment.

The Cat® Rental Store is a convenient place to browse the lineup of air and pneumatic equipment for rent. Here, you'll find only quality rental options manufactured by trusted air compressor suppliers, alongside an assortment of construction and contractor equipment.

Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store is happy to assist contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region who need access to air-powered equipment and tools on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Leveraging a wealth of experience and the region's largest rental fleet, our team is relied on by many Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, and West Virginia companies for sustaining their critical operations.

Our Air Compressors Available for Rent

The Cat Rental Store provides no shortage of options for powerful air compressors with a small footprint. Mid-Atlantic businesses and contractors can rent air compressors that are ideal for operating pneumatic tools, cleaning equipment, ventilating areas or spraying coatings. These are just a few of the applications our highly maneuverable compressors can provide for industries like construction, manufacturing, agriculture, HVAC, pharmaceuticals and more.

Our trailer-mounted air compressors for rent can be freely positioned around the project site with a towing vehicle. These rental units are easy and safe to operate, and we rigorously inspect each compressor so you can work confidently and worry less about maintenance.

Ask us about the CFM air output or PSI you need for your task, and our representatives will work to find you a fuel-efficient, clean-operating model.

Pneumatic Tool Rentals in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, and West Virginia

When your operations require air-powered tools, rent them through Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store. We carry pneumatic tools like powerful, efficient air breakers for fracturing roads, sidewalks, rocks and foundations. You can also rent pneumatic equipment accessories such as an air manifold to distribute compressed air reliably through multiple hose connections.

We're ready to help you accomplish everything you can with your existing air compressor or achieve the full potential from your rental unit.

Full Services for Rental Air Compressors Near You

Your local Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store location will always step up to support you when there's a job to do. You'll get prompt advice and expert recommendations when you need to know the right model that fits your needs. For your convenience, your air compressor can be delivered to your facility or business — always on-time and always ready to work immediately.

Our skilled technicians can be reached around-the-clock for remote technical assistance or travel to you for repairs and maintenance. Our fast, dependable customer service team is over 700 members strong, putting your business first and limiting your downtime.

Request to Rent Air Equipment in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia

Receive more information about a product and get a quote when you submit a request online. A Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store representative will be in touch promptly to offer more details about air compressor rentals and help you arrange an agreement.