Compactor Rentals in VA, MD, DE & WV

Uniform ground compaction is crucial at the beginning of road building and foundation projects. For these applications, quality compaction equipment makes all the difference in keeping projects on schedule. It's simple to find capable equipment that delivers the compaction rates and consistency you're searching for when you use The Cat® Rental Store.

Here you can browse Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store's extensive rental fleet, which serves industries of all types throughout Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and West Virginia. As your local authorized dealer, the Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store network has all the resources and experience to help you make the best renting decision.

From lightweight handheld compactors to robust ride-on rollers, you can rent compaction equipment by Caterpillar and other respected manufacturers at rates that benefit your bottom line.

A Vast Inventory of Compactor Rentals

Before you invest in a rental roller or compactor, first evaluate the type of base you'll be preparing and the application.

We carry an array of plate, rolling and vibratory compactors with different sizes and configurations. Whether you're expanding your fleet temporarily or renting equipment for a one-time application, we can offer solutions such as:

  • Vibratory soil compactor rentals: This type of compaction equipment is ideal for tricky granular bases that can leave behind natural spaces beneath the surface.
  • Pneumatic roller rentals: Pneumatic rollers are often ride-on compactors with air-filled rubber tires, best for smoothing out natural soils, cold-mixed pavements and loose sand.
  • Walk-behind roller rentals: Our walk-behind compactors are suited for applications like patching, trench work, driveways, sidewalks and biking paths.
  • Light compactor and rammer rentals: Whether operated by hand or machine, these rental compactors excel in smaller jobs and tight spaces where heavy-duty equipment can't reach.

From rough terrain to level surfaces, there's a rental compactor at your dealer with the width and efficiency to help you prepare a surface for the next project stage.

Why Rent Compaction Equipment From Carter Rental — The Cat® Rental Store?

Renting equipment is advantageous when you have to meet demand, downsize your owned fleet, or try out a compactor model you might purchase. Our partners enjoy custom rental agreements structured around our affordable daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Each selection within the Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store fleet is carefully inspected and maintained by experienced technicians, ensuring your rental performs safely and efficiently when it arrives at your project. We'll handle delivering your rental compactor at the time and place that's convenient for you. Even on short notice, our commitment to exceptional customer service means we're well-prepared to find compactor equipment swiftly for you, and help you avoid costly downtime.

You can also request field or remote support for your rental unit at any time. Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store's service and support technicians will always be there to assist you and keep you operating uninterrupted.

Find Your Compaction Rental on The Cat Rental Store

If you're unsure about which compactor model to rent, our knowledgeable representatives can recommend a choice that secures you the most value and quality. Shop our selection online or request a quote to begin arranging your compaction equipment rental in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland or West Virginia today.