Material Handling Equipment Rentals in VA, MD, DE & WV

When you need to load, lift or transport heavy items on a regular basis, material handling equipment is an excellent resource for your operation. Find material handling equipment rentals in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia with Carter Rental — The Cat® Rental Store.

Browse Material Handling Equipment for Your Application

Material handling equipment offers diverse functions across industries. Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store provides a range of equipment models to meet your needs.

Our selection of straight mast forklifts come in both propane and diesel configurations. Lift up to 33,000 pounds with the p33000 or opt for a smaller propane model like the P5000 for maneuverability. You can find a model that meets your operation's material type and weight with various lifting capacities.

When you need more reach, choose from a variety of telehandlers with lifting capacities ranging from 5,500 to 12,000 pounds. Find lower lift heights for smaller spaces, or rent a model with over 50 feet in lift and cab stabilizers for ultimate performance.

Whether you're handling building maintenance or operating in a warehouse, Cat material handling equipment can diversify your machine fleet.

Why Choose a Rental Material Handler?

If your company often works with heavy machinery, buying may feel like the best option when you need a new machine. However, renting your material handling equipment can be an excellent choice in a variety of circumstances. Renting helps you:

  • Diversify your fleet: Your operation may encounter an unusual job that requires a machine you don't already own. With our rental stores, you can use a piece of equipment for as long as you need, without committing to a purchase agreement. You can avoid making a significant investment while still getting your job done.
  • Fill in for repairs: When you're missing a valuable machine for maintenance or repairs, your fleet may take a productivity hit. Renting allows you to fill that gap temporarily to stay efficient on the field.
  • Try before you buy: Caterpillar regularly releases new equipment models. If you're not ready to commit to a new edition, you can rent it and see how it works for your operation.
  • Stay within your means: Smaller companies may not have the budget to purchase a lot of equipment, especially if they're just getting started. Rent the equipment you need and save for big-ticket purchases later on.

When you come to Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store for rental material handlers in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland or West Virginia, we'll help you create a contract that fits your budget and deadline.

We Serve Companies Across the Mid-Atlantic Region

Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store has rental locations throughout Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia to provide heavy equipment to the mid-Atlantic region. Find us in cities including Chesapeake, Lynchburg and Williamsburg.

If you visit one of our stores, our customer service team can assist you with any questions about your material handler options. You can also request equipment online for your convenience. A rental from us includes continued support and maintenance throughout your term.

Request a Quote for Material Handling Equipment Rentals

The Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store team can help you find the right material handling equipment for your operation. Browse our selection and request a quote on a model that fits your equipment needs, or give us a call at 276-698-3162 to learn more.