Trenching Equipment Rentals in VA, MD, DE & WV

Companies that perform digging, foundation and utility work must be equipped to adhere to worker safety guidelines. Having access to shoring and shielding equipment is essential to stay compliant and safeguard workers from excavation cave-ins and trench collapses. In the rental fleet at your local Carter Rental — The Cat® Rental Store dealer, you'll find high-quality trenching and shoring equipment needed for your construction or roadwork applications. We offer shoring and trenching equipment rentals in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia from the industry's leading brands so you can ensure safety and productivity in all soil conditions.

Our Shoring and Trenching Equipment Available for Rent

Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store carries the Mid-Atlantic region's largest inventory of rental trench safety equipment. Our technicians carefully inspect and maintain each piece of equipment to ensure it will withstand the demands of any construction environment.

Our options include:

  • Box panel rentals: Our rental inventory includes high-grade steel and aluminum shoring panels that are sturdy and simple to install. Trench shields are available in multiple dimensions for safeguarding a work area below-ground from soil and water.
  • Hydraulic vertical shoring rentals: Hydraulic shores make supporting the sidewalls of a narrow trench fast and secure. These are ideal for spot bracing during patching and repairs inside a trench.
  • Manhole box rentals: Often used alongside trench boxes, a square manhole box streamlines the installation of pre-cast manholes, chambers and tanks, especially with cut-out bottom configurations.
  • Excavator bedding box rentals: We have options to aid with trench backfilling, such as stone and bedding boxes. They come in varying capacities and have durable lifting and walking bars for easy transportation.

When you require temporary support for an excavating or utility project, browse The Cat Rental Store for rental equipment at affordable rates and with flexible terms. Our rental terms are structured by the day, week, month or longer and can help you save money and get the job done efficiently.

Why Rent Equipment From Carter Rental — The Cat® Rental Store?

Our rental services help your company maximize safety and efficiency while stretching the value of your investment. Our risk-free renting experience lets you try out trench shields, shores, road plates and more before buying. In addition, our team is always available to offer expert advice and prompt responses. We can help you find the right rental equipment for the job, and even provide convenient, on-schedule delivery to your facility or site.

We can help maintain and repair your equipment during an extended rental agreement. You can focus on running your business and maximizing productivity, and leave maintaining your rental trench safety equipment to our team. We have over 700 Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store consultants and technicians to support our rental operations across 21 local dealers. At Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store, we work tirelessly to help our clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic with projects of any size.

Rent Trenching and Shoring Equipment at Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store Today

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