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Do you need to push mass quantities of dirt, gravel, sand or other materials quickly and efficiently? A bulldozer is the right equipment for the job. These powerful earthmoving machines are staples at everything from construction and mining sites to quarries, farms and forestry and land-clearing operations. 

If you're looking for reliable dozer rentals in Kansas or northwest Missouri, look no further than the Foley Rental store near you. We've been meeting the region's heavy equipment needs since 1999. Our broad selection is the largest in the area, and we provide complete service to maximize your experience. We'll help you keep your projects moving forward.

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Our impressive dozer inventory features machines from Caterpillar, a brand that's been synonymous with heavy equipment excellence since 1925. Cat® dozers come in small, medium and large configurations to meet every job site requirement. All models include an advanced undercarriage design that enables them to navigate challenging terrain and enhances durability. They offer the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, along with excellent handling and maneuverability.

Not sure which dozer rental option is the best choice for your company? Trust our knowledgeable equipment specialists to point you in the right direction. Various winches and blades are available to attach to your bulldozer and increase its functionality.  We'll help you make the perfect match for your project.


How Bulldozer Rentals Can Improve Business

Renting dozers and other types of heavy equipment is an excellent way to boost your productivity. If you're facing a sudden increase in demand or taking on an unusually large project, renting allows you to add to your fleet quickly without making a long-term commitment. You can also get a fast replacement for a machine that's undergoing repairs so you can stay on schedule. If you need specialized equipment, you can choose a model with the features you require to get the job done.

With renting, you can minimize or avoid equipment-related expenses like storage, repairs, depreciation and insurance. In addition, you can pay for equipment only when you need it to reduce your operating costs. Renting can even improve your cash flow, giving you more capital to devote to other areas of your business.


Our Services

As a valued Foley Rental client, you'll have access to a wide assortment of equipment services:

  • Fast, reliable on-site maintenance and repairs
  • On-time delivery or the option to pick up your machine
  • Flexible, cost-effective rental terms
  • Multiple convenient payment options
  • Access to The Cat Rental Store mobile app for remote account management


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If a bulldozer rental is a good fit for your business, review the product descriptions on this page to find the right model for your needs. Give us a call at 866-212-2820 to get more information or discuss your options. You can also contact us online to get a fast quote.

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