Electrical Distribution Equipment Rentals In KS & MO

While generators can supply electrical power to your facility or remote job site, it requires an entire system to distribute it efficiently. If you're in Kansas or northwest Missouri, Foley Rental can provide all the electrical distribution equipment necessary to transport and deliver power to your tools, lighting, machinery or anywhere else.

Foley Rental has been providing dependable, affordable equipment rental solutions throughout the region for more than two decades. We carry an extensive inventory of high-quality products from Caterpillar and other top manufacturers. With 14 stores located across Kansas and northwest Missouri, you'll find us right around the corner and ready to serve you. 

Our Inventory of Electrical Distribution Equipment

Our broad selection helps make Foley Rental the leader in electrical distribution equipment rentals serving Kansas and Missouri. You'll find an assortment of key system components such as:

  • Automatic transfer switches: These switches perform the critical function of transferring the electrical supply from a primary to a backup power source when an outage occurs. They can also start up long-term backup power systems like diesel generators to enable electrically operated equipment to run until the restoration of utility power.
  • Electrical panels: Our electrical panels for rent will efficiently divide the electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits within your system. We also carry generator spider boxes that can distribute the power from a central generator, preventing the need for multiple generators. 
  • Transformers: Use our transformer rentals to step up and step down voltage safely when transferring energy between electrical circuits. 

Thoroughly Inspected Equipment You Can Trust

Reliability and safety are critical factors when renting electrical distribution equipment. All our products receive regular maintenance and undergo a top-to-bottom inspection to ensure they're ready to handle a heavy workload when needed. You'll get a dependable product that won't leave you in the dark during an emergency. You'll also have peace of mind knowing that you're using the safest equipment at your worksites.

High-Quality Equipment and Excellent Service

Setting up an electrical distribution system can be complicated — and there's no margin for error. The rental specialists at any of our locations can make the task easier and safer. You'll get expert product selection guidance, as well as informed system configuration tips. We'll also be there to maintain and repair your equipment when needed. 

As a valued Foley Rental client, you'll receive a flexible rental agreement that fits seamlessly into your business's operating structure. Choose from several payment options, including setting up a Foley Rental or Cat® Commercial account or using a major credit card. Experience the convenience of managing your rental account on your smartphone or tablet by downloading The Cat Rental Store mobile app. 

Make Us Your One-Stop Shop for Electrical Distribution Equipment Rentals

Browse our inventory of electrical distribution equipment today. Give us a call at 866-212-2820 for more information or contact us online to get a fast quote.