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Since its advent a century ago, the forklift has been an indispensable machine in all types of material handling environments. Because of their necessity for lifting and moving heavy objects in warehouses and factories and at various job sites, companies frequently find themselves needing to acquire forklifts quickly to keep their projects on schedule. 

If you need to rent a forklift in Kansas or northwest Missouri, Foley Rental is the company to call. We offer the largest selection of rental equipment in the region at affordable rates. Over our more than 20 years in business, we've developed an outstanding reputation for offering high-quality products backed by prompt, reliable service.

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Our Forklift Rental Inventory

Our broad forklift selection includes late-model machines from Caterpillar, the most recognized heavy equipment brand in the world. Caterpillar has been manufacturing high-performing forklifts for more than 50 years. Cat® machines feature an innovative design that increases productivity and minimizes downtime. Spacious operator compartments enable low-effort control and contribute to their safe use in high-traffic environments.

We feature straight mast forklifts that are ideally suited for lifting, transporting and loading palletized materials and bulk products at lower heights on all types of terrain. You'll find these forklifts in a variety of maximum load capacities to meet the requirements of any material handling environment. Machines are available with several power sources, including diesel, gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The product specialists at any of our 14 convenient locations will be happy to help you weigh all the options and choose the forklift that best meets your work site requirements.


Renting Helps Keep Your Business Moving

Have you considered the benefits that forklift rentals can deliver to your business? Here are just a few:

  • Less time, money and labor spent on equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Access to cutting-edge technology to work faster, smarter and more efficiently
  • Better management and control of project costs
  • Improved cash flow and more capital to invest in other areas of your operation
  • More flexibility to acquire high-quality equipment when and where you need it
  • Fast access to replacements for machines that are unavailable or out of commission
  • Opportunity to take equipment for a risk-free "test drive" while making a purchasing evaluation


Experience Forklift Rental With Exceptional Service

If you've been dissatisfied with the service provided by other equipment rental companies in the region, you're in for a welcome change when you choose Foley Rental. Our capable team will help you to set up an affordable rental arrangement that works for your company. Several flexible payment options are available for your convenience. We'll also handle all maintenance and repairs from start to finish. You'll even have access to the user-friendly mobile app from The Cat Rental Store to simplify the rental account management process.


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Please review our current selection of forklift rentals today and give us a call at 866-212-2820 to discuss your equipment requirements. Feel free to contact us online to get a fast quote on your rental forklift.

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