Heater Rentals in KS & MO

Keeping work crews and equipment warm during those frigid Kansas and northwest Missouri winters can be a challenge. Portable outdoor heating units help to create a more temperate environment that increases worker productivity and comfort. They also minimize the risk of damage and ensure the reliable functioning of equipment in cold weather. 

Foley Rental offers high-quality heater rentals in Kansas and Missouri, sourcing machines you can count on for a wide range of heating applications. We carry the largest inventory of rental equipment in the region so we can meet the needs of every customer. With our competitive rates and unwavering commitment to customer service, you'll get maximum value for your money when you rent from us. 


Our Heater Rental Selection

At Foley Rental, we offer expertly maintained late-model equipment from Caterpillar and other leading manufacturers. Our lineup of heater rentals includes:

  • Electrical heaters: These powerful units deliver clean, efficient heat for construction sites, temporary shelters and a wide range of industrial applications. Programmable controls enable you to conserve energy and reduce your operating costs. Heaters are available in 20 kW and 150 kW options.
  • Forced air heaters: Use these portable units to provide targeted heating to specific areas of your job sites. Their mobility and compact design make it easy to produce heated air exactly where you need it. You'll find these heaters in numerous BTU options.

The equipment specialists at any of our 14 locations will be happy to help you choose the right heater rental for your applications and budget.


Use Renting to Increase Productivity and Lower Costs

Incorporating rentals into your work processes can boost productivity in several ways. You'll be able to ramp up your fleet quickly on demand, so you won't have to turn down larger projects due to a lack of equipment. Additionally, you'll find it easier to make the right match between machine and application, which ensures better results. Using products with the latest technology will also allow your crews to work faster and more efficiently.

From a cost reduction perspective, renting will minimize equipment-related expenses such as maintenance, repairs and storage. The additional flexibility of being able to get a machine when you need it means you can reduce the size of your fleet, which lowers your long-term equipment costs. 


Why Choose Foley Rental?

Reasons to choose us for your heater rentals and other equipment rental needs include:

  • More than 20 years of experience in serving the region's demand for quality equipment
  • Fast delivery to your facility or job site (and the option to pick up the rental at your convenience)
  • Complete maintenance and repair service for the duration of your rental agreement
  • Multiple flexible payment options
  • Access to the user-friendly mobile app from The Cat® Rental Store to manage your account remotely


Explore Our Inventory of Heater Rentals in Kansas and Missouri

Browse our current heater rental offerings today to find the machine that's right for your job site. Feel free to give us a call at 866-212-2820 for additional product information and to discuss your equipment requirements. You can also contact us online to request a quick quote.

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