Man Lift Rentals in KS & MO

Some light-duty building maintenance and construction-related tasks require reaching out-of-the-way areas at elevation. Man lifts, also known as vertical personnel lifts, are ideally suited for the job. These aerial work platforms have a small footprint that enables them to function in confined spaces. They provide a more efficient and safer alternative to ladders when performing repair, maintenance and installation work at heights.

Foley Rental is your one-stop headquarters for personnel lift rentals in Kansas and northwest Missouri. Our inventory includes late-model equipment that receives regular maintenance and undergoes comprehensive inspections to ensure its reliability and safety. What's more, you'll receive complete product support from a company that's been serving the region's equipment needs since 1999.

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Rental Options for Man Lifts 

Foley Rental carries the most extensive rental inventory in the region. Our broad selection of man lifts rental equipment features products from stalwarts of the aerial lift platform industry, including Genie, JLG and other reputable manufacturers. You'll find an assortment of lightweight, compact machines that can fit through narrow doorways and other tight spots, ensuring maximum mobility. They're an excellent choice for applications such as general maintenance and repair work, as well as order picking and material handling in warehouses.

Choose from man lift rentals in various working and platform heights to meet your unique worksite requirements. Our experienced product specialists are available to help you evaluate all the options and make an informed decision for your company.


Experience All the Benefits of Renting Equipment

Equipment rentals can help your business thrive and prosper. They offer a fast, cost-effective solution for meeting an immediate need or boosting your fleet to accommodate a unique project. You'll also find that renting allows you to match a machine to specific job requirements, which increases productivity and efficiency. If you're looking for ways to reduce your equipment costs, rentals help you cut back in areas such as storage, maintenance, repairs and depreciation.

Do you like to keep up with the latest equipment technologies? Many of our man lift rentals in Kansas and Missouri offer technologically advanced features that increase safety and make them easier to operate. And if you prefer to try out machines before purchasing them, renting allows you to do so without making a long-term commitment. 


Get Access to Numerous Rental Services

At Foley Rental, we support every rental with a broad range of service offerings:

  • Timely on-site maintenance and repairs, including 24/7 emergency service
  • Flexible daily, weekly and monthly rental agreements at competitive rates
  • Multiple payment options to meet your financial and operational requirements
  • Prompt delivery to your facility or job site
  • Access to a user-friendly mobile app so you can manage your rental account remotely


Learn More About the Advantages of Man Lift Rentals

If you're ready to add a man lift to your Kansas or Missouri equipment fleet, give Foley Rental a call at 866-212-2820 today. We'll be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail. Contact us online to obtain a fast lift rental quote.

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