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Larger construction sites and sprawling industrial and commercial properties often require workers to travel quickly from one location to another. A utility vehicle is ideally suited for this task. Depending on the model, these four-wheel machines can transport up to four people. They also have storage compartments for carrying tools and equipment.

If you're looking for reliable UTV rentals in Kansas or northwest Missouri, look no further than the Foley Rental store near you. As a full-service rental solutions provider with the most extensive inventory in the region, we're able to meet all your heavy equipment requirements. You'll get a late-model UTV rental at a competitive rate, along with excellent support from start to finish. 

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We Have the Right Utility Vehicle Rental for Your Business

At Foley Rental, we recognize the importance of having high-quality, safe equipment at your job sites. When you rent from us, you'll always get an expertly maintained UTV rental you can use with confidence. Our selection includes products from Polaris, a recognized global leader in the design and manufacturing of off-road vehicles. 

Polaris UTVs feature automotive-style handling that enables operators to maneuver through congested worksites with ease. The impressive payload capacity ensures you can transport heavy loads of tools and supplies, while the substantial ground clearance allows you to navigate all obstacles in your path. You'll also find ample legroom to keep you and your passengers comfortable. 

If you're having trouble deciding which UTV rental is a good match for your applications, we can help. Our team includes experienced product specialists who will guide you through the selection process. 


How Can Renting Equipment Help Your Business?

Renting is an excellent way to increase business productivity. If you're in a pinch and need to bolster your fleet quickly, a rental provides a fast solution for meeting the demand. You'll keep your projects on schedule and avoid costly delays. 

Using old, obsolete equipment can slow your workers down. A late-model rental from Foley Rental provides access to innovative technologies that speed up work processes and help you get more work done in less time.

If you're looking to lower your equipment costs, renting helps you reduce expenses like repairs, maintenance and storage. What's more, you can minimize your fleet, which allows you to run a leaner business operation.


Our Rental Equipment Services

Our utility vehicle rentals in Kansas and Missouri come with a host of premium services:

  • On-site maintenance and repairs
  • On-time delivery to your job site (or the option to pick your rental up at one of our 14 convenient locations)
  • Flexible, affordable rental agreements
  • Multiple convenient payment options
  • Access to the user-friendly The Cat® Rental Store app for simplified account management


Explore Your UTV Rental Options Today

Check out our current inventory of UTV rentals in Kansas and Missouri to find the one that's right for you, or give us a call at 866-212-2820 for more information or to discuss your specific equipment requirements. Feel free to contact us online to get a fast quote.

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