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Do you sometimes need to perform welding at remote job sites? Are you having trouble finding the right equipment for the job? Portable welders enable you to create on-the-spot welds no matter where you are. These tools are excellent for on-site metal fabrication and equipment repairs as well as numerous construction, agricultural and industrial applications. 

Foley Rental can provide high-quality welder rentals in Kansas and northwest Missouri that will meet your remote welding needs. We've been serving the region for more than 20 years and have earned the trust of companies in a wide range of industries. You'll find the right equipment for your applications at competitive rates, along with prompt, reliable service every step of the way. 

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At Foley Rental, we're proud to have the largest, most diverse rental fleet in our operating territory. We offer the ideal combination of quantity and quality — we feature products from Caterpillar, the most recognized brand in the heavy equipment industry, and a host of other reputable manufacturers. What's more, we perform regular maintenance on all machines in our inventory and always inspect them thoroughly after each trip before sending them back into the field.

Our portable welder rentals are trailer-mounted to enable easy towing with your vehicles. Choose from several amperage options to provide the ideal heat input for your welding projects. Numerous power sources are available, including gasoline, electric and diesel, to suit your preferences and operational requirements. Let our product specialists help you make the right decision for your company. 


Use Renting to Move Your Business Forward

Convenience is one advantage of renting welders and other types of equipment. You can obtain a machine quickly to fill an immediate need and even gain a competitive edge. If reducing expenses is a top priority for your business, rentals can help you avoid costs such as maintenance, storage and repairs. 

If you're currently relying on old or obsolete welding equipment, renting our late-model products gives you access to up-to-date technologies that can significantly reduce your project completion times and increase worker efficiency. And if you're considering the purchase of a welder, renting it (or a similar model) first is an excellent way to try it before making a long-term commitment. 


Customer Service Means Everything to Us

If you're not happy with the service you've received from other rental providers, you'll love doing business with Foley Rental. We believe in forming lasting partnerships with our customers to help them meet their business objectives. We'll arrange a rental plan that makes sense for your company and fits your budget. You'll find a variety of payment options to make paying for your rental easy and convenient. If you need your portable welder delivered to your job site, we'll get it there on time — every time. 


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Discover how a welder rental from Foley Rental can benefit your Kansas or Missouri business. Call us today at 866-212-2820 to discuss your needs or contact us online to get a fast quote.

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