Wheel Tractor-Scraper Rentals in KS & MO

Earthmoving applications in industries such as mining, construction and agriculture often use wheel tractor-scrapers to assist in the spreading, loading, hauling and dumping of soil. The standard wheel tractor-scraper configuration consists of a sharp blade that cuts into the ground, propelling the soil into a hopper that collects it for dumping. These machines are useful at job sites where the cut and fill areas are close together. 

Foley Rental can provide your Kansas or northwest Missouri company with a reliable, hardworking wheel tractor-scraper rental that will deliver excellent results. We've been a trusted heavy equipment source since 1999 due to our high-quality products, competitive daily, weekly and monthly rates and world-class customer service. 

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Our extensive heavy equipment inventory includes late-model wheel tractor-scrapers manufactured by Caterpillar, one of the most recognized brands in the industry. Cat® wheel tractor-scrapers seamlessly combine impressive power, consistent traction and surprising speed to provide maximum output in any application. 

Available types of wheel tractor-scraper rentals in Kansas and Missouri include open bowl, elevating and coal bowl versions. Choose from a wide range of scraper capacities to meet your unique earthmoving and material handling requirements. With ground speeds approaching 35 mph, your crews can gather and haul loads faster and complete jobs more quickly. 

Not sure which wheel tractor-scraper rental is the best fit for your project? Let our product specialists offer their expert guidance. We'll help you make the ideal match between machine and application.


Benefits of Wheel Tractor-Scraper Rentals

Integrating rental equipment into your business strategy can help you achieve productivity and profitability objectives. By getting a fast replacement for a broken-down machine or bolstering your fleet to meet an increase in demand, you'll maximize uptime and keep your projects on schedule. You can also reduce equipment-related costs such as maintenance, repairs and storage. 

When you rent, you can leverage the latest equipment technologies to enable your machine operators to work more efficiently and safely. If you'd like to purchase a specific model, renting offers a risk-free way to try it out for a few days or weeks before buying.


Foley Rental Is Your One-Stop Shop

As a full-service rental equipment provider, we offer:

  • Expertly maintained equipment that's in peak operating condition
  • Multiple locations across the region for your convenience
  • Timely maintenance and repairs, including around-the-clock emergency service
  • Prompt delivery to your job site to save time and hassles
  • Flexibility to pick up your rentals if you prefer
  • Help with setting up a business-friendly rental arrangement
  • Several payment options from which to choose
  • Access to The Cat Rental Store mobile app for remote account management via smartphone or tablet


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