No Repair Costs
With rental equipment, there is no need for your own workshops, helping you reduce your operating and maintenance costs.

Reduce Your Disposal Costs
With rental, you don’t need to worry about preparing equipment for resale.

Flexibility to Support Your Demand
Rental gives you access to equipment when you need it most, to support you in those unplanned and emergency situations.

Minimize Your Equipment Fleet
Rental gives you access t the latest equipment when you need it, so you don’t waste time and investment on underutilized equipment.

The Right Equipment for the Job
Our representatives work with you to select the right equipment to suit your project, helping you be more productive and keeping you safe.

Improve Cash Flow
Renting helps release capital and removes associated charges, allowing you to invest in other areas of your business.

No Need for Storage
With rental, you remove the need for space, releasing capital and reducing your maintenance and security costs.

Control Project Costs
Rental helps you cost your project in detail, paying for equipment when you need it and helping you budget effectively, resulting in improved profitability.

Gain Access to the Latest Technologies
At Foley Rental, we’re constantly upgrading our rental fleet to provide you access to the latest technology and newer, more efficient models.

Try Before You Buy
With rental, you can make sure equipment is right for you and your business. Foley Rental provides purchase options tailored to you.