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Kelly Tractor serves as your provider for high-quality equipment rentals in the Miami area. We serve our clients with last-minute rentals, as well as with early-scheduled rentals that are catered to your specific project needs.

Our consistent maintenance practices and flexible range of options help you save money and achieve greater job versatility. Browse through our vast inventory today for more details about the types of equipment rentals we offer in Miami.

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Miami is a highly populated area known for its beautiful beaches and diverse range of people and cultures. A strong heavy equipment industry is essential for keeping this city up and running at its best. That's why Kelly Tractor operates in the Miami area to bring local contractors the equipment they need year-round.

We offer Miami rental equipment for all types of heavy applications, from digging and cutting to loading and lifting. Whatever job you have to do, we'll help you get it done safely and on time.

We have nine unique equipment categories containing attachments, air compressors, backup power generators, excavators, material handlers and more. Larger and smaller businesses alike can benefit from our broad selection.

Why Rent Locally?

If you're unsure whether or not renting is the right strategy for your business, it's important to consider the application and the timeframe. If you need a piece of equipment that you're planning to use for a specific amount of time, renting locally can be a great way to find what you're looking for quickly. Short wait times are also more convenient when emergency equipment demands arise.

Renting from a local dealer gives you access to a variety of benefits, including major cost savings. You can rent a piece of equipment at any time while lowering maintenance and transportation expenses. Rentals are also often backed by the latest technology, which ensures they deliver a stellar performance from start to finish.

Work Closely With Kelly Tractor's Professionals

While the advantages of renting are numerous, you can benefit even more by partnering with Kelly Tractor, your local Cat® rental dealer. Our flexible terms allow you to make the most of your rental experience. We're happy to customize our options according to your specifications.

You can also reach us at any point during your rental for support. We're committed to keeping you fully operational by offering troubleshooting, training, maintenance and more. All you need to do is make a quick call, and our experts will be there to offer assistance.

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We serve the greater city of Miami and all its surrounding areas with a wide range of high-quality equipment options. Because we've established ourselves as a leader for Caterpillar and multiple other brands, we feel confident providing the service you deserve. Reach out online by filling out our quote form today or visit your local dealer for more information about our Miami rental equipment.

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