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When you need a temporary machine to meet your company's production goals, a rental contract is an excellent move. Kelly Tractor offers a wide range of rental equipment to meet your performance needs at the Clewiston location of The Cat® Rental Store.

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Clewiston Rental Equipment Gets the Job Done

Rental equipment is useful in various circumstances. At Kelly Tractor, we carry a wide range of machinery and tools to support your operation when you need it. You can count on us for:

We have the durable equipment you need for high performance on the job site, from compaction to material handling. Among these critical tools, our miscellaneous equipment includes the site support gear you need to accomplish any task. When you're looking to meet your productivity goals, turn to Kelly Tractor for affordable rentals.

We Have Rentals When You Need Them Most

Purchasing your equipment will permanently develop your fleet and improve your capabilities, but it may not always be the best move for your business. If you need equipment temporarily to keep working through a breakdown or handle an atypical job, rental opportunities provide an excellent way to fill in the gaps. Renting is ideal when:

  • A critical machine is in the shop: When you're missing a vital piece of equipment, your productivity may take a dip. A rental can fill out your fleet until your repairs are finished.
  • You need to meet heightened demand: It's tough to take on more work and expand your business when there isn't enough equipment to go around. Adding additional machines to your fleet can help you meet your goals in less time.
  • You want to stay within budget: Whether you're a small business or a big company looking to save, renting can help you spend on equipment as you need it rather than committing to a big investment upfront.

Count on Our Customer Service Team for Help

The Kelly Tractor team is here to support you throughout the rental process. Our goal is to create a contract that works with your budget and time frame. We rent our equipment at daily, weekly and monthly rates, and we'll design a plan that makes the most sense for you.

Once you enter your agreement, we'll offer our support throughout the term. We'll provide transportation for your machinery at your request, and you'll gain free access to our technicians. If you experience difficulties with your equipment during your contract, you can come to us for maintenance and repairs at no extra cost.

Explore our selection online or visit our Clewiston location to get a look at our fleet in person. If you have any questions, you can give us a call at 863-983-8177.

Trust Kelly Tractor for Equipment Rental in Clewiston

With a selection of robust equipment from Caterpillar and other leading brands, Kelly Tractor can provide the performance and productivity you need to succeed. Explore our selection online today and find what you need for your next job. If you see a machine you're interested in, fill out our quick quote form to receive more information.

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