Cold Planer Rentals in Southern Florida

Cold planers are valuable equipment for roadwork and resurfacing needs. The Cat® Rental Store and Kelly Tractor make it easy to rent cold planer attachments when you need them most. Find out what makes these tools ideal and why you should choose Kelly Tractor for your rental requirements.

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Meet Roadwork Needs With Cold Planer Rentals in Southern Florida

When you deal with roadwork projects, the right tools can boost your productivity and keep you on schedule. With Cat cold planer attachments from Kelly Tractor, you can adapt your skid steer loader to resurfacing applications.

Our cold planers use robust high-speed drums with powerful conical bits to dig up concrete and asphalt pieces. The self-leveling design ensures a consistent dig depth throughout use, while serrated steps make it easy to get in and out of the cab. These attachments also use dual skid plates to maintain superior stability on the job. 

Cold planer skid steer attachments are an excellent option for projects where space is limited and dedicated cold planers can't operate. They can also replace cold planers when your machine is in the shop or bolster your fleet during a busy week.

Whatever your reason for renting may be, Cat cold planer attachments work as hard as you do. To ensure your rental meets your performance requirements, we regularly inspect and maintain every unit at our stores.

Rent With Ease at Kelly Tractor

You may be prepared for your renting needs, or they could show up out of nowhere. Regardless of the circumstances, you need a fast rental process to get you back on the field. At Kelly Tractor, our expert team can help you find the right tool for your project and set you up with a contract that meets your needs.

We understand that you encounter many challenges in your line of work, from packed schedules to spending limits. With our daily, weekly and monthly rental rates, you can customize your contract to your budget and time frame. We'll make your cold planer attachment rental work for you, whether you need it for several months or a single day.

Kelly Tractor also offers continued support when your rental period begins. If you run into any performance issues on the field, from maintenance to emergency repairs, our technicians are available to handle the job.

Enjoy Accessibility at Our Southern Florida Locations

We keep our cold planer attachments accessible in Southern Florida with our five store locations. Find us in:

  • Clewiston
  • Davie
  • West Palm Beach
  • Miami
  • Fort Myers

During store visits, you can talk to our team and discuss your options. If you'd prefer to rent online, the process is simple — just add equipment to your request and wait to hear back from us. You can also call us at any of our locations with your questions.

Trust Kelly Tractor for Southern Florida Cold Planer Attachment Rental

Kelly Tractor's cold planer attachments support efficient resurfacing and help you stay on schedule. Take a look at our available models and find yours today. For more information, request a quote.

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