Forklift Rentals in Southern Florida

If you're in a field like construction, agriculture or landscaping, your operation likely relies on forklifts to complete tasks and meet goals. Losing one of these vital machines to repair or not having enough to meet demand can significantly impact your productivity. That's why The Cat® Rental Store and Kelly Tractor offer reliable forklift rentals in Southern Florida to help you stay on track.

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Boost Productivity With Forklift Rentals in Southern Florida

While forklifts are standard machines in warehouse operations, their abilities go much further than moving pallets from place to place. With straight mast forklifts, you can move hay bales on an agriculture site, transport two-by-fours for construction needs and unload containers on shipping docks. At Kelly Tractor, we have forklift models to support almost any application.

Our forklifts offer strength and power in compact frames, allowing operators to navigate any work site easily. With lifting capacities between 5,000 and 6,500 pounds, you can handle light, unwieldy loads like empty pallets or heavy cargo like cinder blocks. When you need a productivity boost with a versatile machine, a rental forklift from Kelly Tractor is the way to go.

Whether you need to fill in for a forklift undergoing repairs or want additional machines to keep up with production demands, we have the models to support your mission. We ensure the highest performance for every rental with regular maintenance and multipoint inspections.

Rent With Ease With the Kelly Tractor Team

Temporary equipment needs often come up without warning, and you want a rental solution that gets you back to work as soon as possible. At Kelly Tractor, we provide a streamlined rental experience with our expert crew and custom contracts.

As a heavy equipment manager, you probably contend with tight budgets and packed timelines. When we create your rental agreement, we consider these factors to land on ideal terms for your business. We offer our forklifts at daily, weekly and monthly rates to make customization easy for short- or long-term needs.

Throughout your rental time frame, you also have access to our skilled technicians. If you run into an emergency on the job, they can handle the repairs right away and get your machine back to work.

Find a Florida Location Near You for Forklift Rentals

While a fast rental experience is essential, so is easy accessibility. Kelly Tractor operates equipment rental locations throughout Southern Florida for your convenience. You can visit any of our stores to discuss your options with our team and get a closer look at our forklift selection. Find a location near you today.

You can also handle your rental needs online from your home or office. We keep our availability updated so you can find your next machine as soon as you need it. Browse our inventory and call any of our store locations with your questions.

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With Kelly Tractor, you get the reliable machines and the supportive service you want for your temporary equipment needs. Explore our rental forklift selection today and fill out a quote form to receive more information — we'll make sure you get what you need.

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