Material Handling Equipment Rentals in Southern Florida

Having the right material handling equipment for the job can help you cut costs and project inefficiencies. At Kelly Tractor, we operate as part of The Cat® Rental Store network to bring you a large selection of high-quality heavy equipment.

Our material handling rentals in the southern Florida area give you more freedom to take on high-demand projects. If you're looking for a way to reduce operating costs without sacrificing job quality, we can help by providing reliable rental options.

Material Handling Equipment for Your Project Needs

Material handling equipment is essential for a wide variety of construction and utility applications. Whether you're working in a warehouse or on a crowded job site, you can benefit from a telehandler or forklift. These machines are designed to reduce your workload, making it easy to move and transport materials that might otherwise be too heavy to carry.

The power behind these machines makes them versatile in commercial applications. For example, telehandlers and forklifts are compatible with all types of attachments and come with unique lifting capacities, so you can find a unit that meets your needs.

Choose From Our Selection of High-Quality Equipment

At Kelly Tractor, we have multiple types of southern Florida material handling equipment rentals designed to help you stay on task. Some of our options include:

  • Forklifts. We carry Harlo forklifts for tough terrain applications. Their medium horsepower and 5,000- to 6,500-pound lift capacity specifications make them ideal for mid-sized projects.
  • Telehandlers. Our standard telehandler units are designed to lift heavy loads with ease. We provide the optimal value by offering powerful Cat and Genie telehandlers.
  • Large-capacity telehandlers. If you need a material handler that can take on tougher applications, check out our inventory of large-capacity telehandlers. Our Xtreme telehandler can lift up to 12,000 pounds.

We work hard to keep our material handling rentals compliant and up to date so you can count on them for stellar performance. Browse our inventory today to see what types of material handlers we have in stock.

Partner With Kelly Tractor

If you're looking for high-quality telehandlers and forklifts that can handle smaller and larger applications alike, we're happy to help you find them for a great price. Our rentals can help you save time during emergencies and plan for upcoming projects more efficiently. Also, we offer the flexibility you need to order a rental whenever the demand arises.

We'll keep your material handler up and running 24/7 by giving you quick access to expert dealer support. Because we operate in your area, we can provide troubleshooting and repair options at any time.

Contact Us Today

Kelly Tractor offers an impressive selection of equipment for all your construction and land development project needs. Our inventory of southern Florida material handling equipment rentals helps you lift and load heavy materials when you need additional site support.

If you're interested in learning more about our selection of material handlers, contact us online for a quote or reach out to a nearby dealer.