Water Truck Rentals in Southern Florida

When you need to deliver water to areas on your work site, a water truck makes an excellent addition to your fleet. The Cat® Rental Store and Kelly Tractor offer water truck rentals in Southern Florida to support your water hauling and delivery needs.

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Meet Your Hauling Needs With Water Truck Rentals in Southern Florida

Water trucks are vital vehicles for many applications, from mining and construction to fire prevention. When you rely on these machines for water transportation and distribution, you need them to fit your capacity needs. At Kelly Tractor, we have water trucks to handle a variety of jobs. 

Our 2000-gallon water trucks offer support for small- and medium-capacity water applications. These trucks are ideal for dust control and irrigation uses, and their straightforward design lets you deliver water with ease and accuracy. 

When you rent from Kelly Tractor, you get the Cat reliability and performance you expect. We perform regular maintenance and multipoint inspections on every water truck to make sure our fleet is ready to work as hard as you do.

Work With Our Team for an Easy Rental

At Kelly Tractor, we get that rental needs can show up out of nowhere. We want your rental experience to be efficient and hassle-free so you can get back on the field and stay on schedule. Our equipment experts can offer guidance when you need it, and we'll create a contract that fits your terms.

As a fleet manager, you might encounter changing schedules and a tight budget. We understand these strict requirements, and we always factor them in when creating your rental contract. We can personalize your agreement for short- and long-term demands with daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Once your contract begins, you have access to our skilled technicians whenever you need them. If you ever have performance issues or require repairs on the job, our techs will be there to handle it at no extra charge.

Browse Water Truck Rentals in Our Southern Florida Stores

Accessibility is just as important to your rental experience as a supportive team. Kelly Tractor has five locations in Southern Florida, allowing us to serve fleets in 13 counties. You can find us in: 

  • Miami
  • West Palm Beach
  • Fort Myers
  • Davie
  • Clewiston

If you want a closer look at our water trucks, just visit one of our locations. During your visit, you can speak with one of our representatives and find the right unit for your next project.

We even make rental accessible online. You can browse our available equipment, add requests and complete your rental from the comfort of your office. If you ever have questions during your search, feel free to call any of our locations to talk to a team member.

Turn to Kelly Tractor for Southern Florida Water Truck Rental

Kelly Tractor provides reliable water trucks and expert support when you need it most. With competitive prices and flexible contracts, you can find the rental you need on your terms. Take a look at your options and fill out a quote form for more information. 

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