Equipment Rental in Jonesboro

When you need high-quality equipment rentals in the Jonesboro area, turn to the inventory at Riggs Rents — The Cat® Rental Store. We serve businesses across many industries, including agriculture, landscaping, mining and construction.

We want to help your business tackle new projects and take your operations to the next level.

Jonesboro Rental Equipment Selections

When you rent with us, you can feel good about the equipment you choose. We prioritize quality, safety and performance to help you get the tools needed to supercharge your daily processes and boost project efficiency. 

At Riggs Rents — The Cat Rental Store, you can find equipment in a range of categories, including: 

  • Aerial 
  • Power generation
  • Trenching and shoring 
  • Concrete  
  • Earthmoving 
  • Compaction 
  • Material handling 
  • Air 
  • Pump 
  • Attachments
  • Light towers

Our team can point you in the right direction and help you discover the options best suited to your specifications.

Benefits of Renting Equipment 

Businesses can enjoy many benefits when they rent equipment from a reliable provider. Explore some of the key advantages below:

  • Lower costs: Renting equipment is a cost-effective way to get the machines your business needs without breaking the bank. If you are not in the position to invest in a new model, you can rent and forgo many ownership expenses, like maintenance, storage, repairs and transport.
  • Convenience: In many cases, rental equipment is readily available, and you can secure a piece within days of inquiring about it. You also get the perks of using new tools without the responsibilities of owning them. 
  • More flexibility: If you're looking to tackle different types of projects or offer new services, renting equipment can be a great way to diversify your offerings and test if a machine is right for you without tying up your business's capital. 
  • Access to the latest tech: Businesses that rent can access the latest technologies without a high price tag. Renting equipment offers an affordable way to explore new capabilities and see if they benefit your productivity and are worth investing in later. 

Why Choose Us as Your Rental Provider?

When you choose Riggs Rents — The Cat Rental Store as your rental equipment provider, you can expect durable machines and a hassle-free process. Our team is eager to help you find the right equipment for your business's specific applications. Our leading priorities are providing excellent customer service and top-notch rental equipment that you can depend on.

We offer rental terms that are flexible to suit your project timelines and requirements. When you visit our Jonesboro location, you can expect to meet a friendly team that's ready to help you find the solutions that benefit your operations most. 

Find Your Rental Equipment in Jonesboro

If you're looking for quality equipment rentals in Jonesboro, Arkansas, our team will help you find the right options for your unique project needs. 

Ready to get started? Request a quick quote online or call us at 1-870-932-5473 to talk with a local rep today.

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