Equipment Rental in Little Rock

If you're in the Little Rock, Arkansas, area and looking for high-quality equipment rentals, check out the inventory from Riggs Rents — The Cat® Rental Store.

Whether you're looking to diversify the kinds of projects you take on or fill a gap in your existing fleet, Riggs Rents — The Cat Rental Store offers a seamless equipment rental process.

Little Rock Rental Equipment Selections

Riggs Rents — The Cat Rental Store is part of the Cat network, so upholding strict quality standards is crucial to us. We are here to help your business get the machines needed for your unique requirements. We want to help you boost project efficiency and productivity. 

Our inventory includes equipment in various categories, including:

  • Material handling 
  • Power generation
  • Trenching and shoring 
  • Concrete  
  • Earthmoving 
  • Compaction 
  • Aerial 
  • Pump 
  • Light towers
  • Air 
  • Attachments

We have many equipment types and models available, making finding the right options for your specific job requirements easy. Our inventory suits the needs of businesses across several industries, from landscaping to infrastructure to construction. 

The Advantages of Renting Equipment

Explore the benefits of equipment rentals:

  • Savings: Cost-effectiveness is a huge perk of renting equipment. You don't have to spend money on storage, transport, maintenance or repairs. Instead, you can pay for the rental term and forgo the costs of ownership. 
  • Availability: Renting allows your business to select a piece of readily available equipment so you can get to work right away. You can enjoy greater convenience without long-term responsibilities, like coordinating storage or creating an ongoing maintenance plan. 
  • Flexibility: Another benefit of renting is the flexibility to tackle different types of projects without tying up your business's capital to invest in a new piece of equipment.
  • Advanced technology: You can access the latest equipment and advanced technologies when you rent. This is a massive advantage for businesses that don't have the budget to purchase a brand-new model. 

Renting equipment is a great solution for many businesses, especially those with tight budgets and last-minute project needs. Your business can expand its capabilities and improve operations with the help of quality rental equipment. 

Why Partner With Us?

When you partner with Riggs Rents — The Cat Rental Store, your business gets access to a large inventory of equipment. We carefully inspect each machine and ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

For our team, providing excellent customer service is a top priority. Your needs always come first, and we will do whatever it takes to help you get the right equipment for your specific requirements.

We offer flexible rental terms that work with your project budget and timelines. By working with us, you can enjoy a hassle-free rental process that gets you back to the job as soon as possible. 

Explore Our Selection of Equipment Rentals in Little Rock

If your business is interested in equipment rentals in the Little Rock, Arkansas, area, turn to Riggs Rents — The Cat Rental Store. We make the rental process simple and will assist you in finding the best options for your upcoming projects. 

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