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Does your construction or forestry fleet have the backup strategy it needs? If you want the ability to order rental equipment on demand from a local resource, Ring Power works in Lake City, Columbia County and the surrounding areas to help you make those goals a reality.

At Ring Power, we offer equipment rentals in Lake City and several other North and Central Florida cities. You can count on us to support your fleet throughout the entire rental process. Call 386-755-3997 or come by 390 SW Ring Court to see our Lake City rental selection.

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Ring Power is one of a huge number of Cat® dealers around the globe, all of whom are dedicated to providing contractors with the equipment solutions they need. If you operate in Lake City, you have an easy local option at your disposal. You can come to us for a broad range of equipment, which is separated into nine unique categories:

  • Aerial equipment: Our aerial lifts offer stable, versatile platforms for contractors to use as they work in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Air equipment: For a reliable flow of clean compressed air, browse our selection of portable air compressors.
  • Attachments: Our work tool attachments are compatible with a wide variety of heavy machines.
  • Compaction equipment: You can count on our Cat vibratory soil compactors for smooth and precise compaction.
  • Earthmoving equipment: Loaders, dozers and excavators can support many types of digging and lifting applications.
  • Light towers: With Ring Power light towers, you can shine more light on challenging projects and extend work hours if needed.
  • Material handling equipment: The right telehandler helps you do more in less time with its impressive lifting capacity.
  • Miscellaneous equipment: Our selection of tool rentals includes personnel carts, tractors, mowers, and other useful tools and machines.
  • Trucks: Trucks from Ring Power make transportation and distribution between job sites a breeze.

How Rental Equipment Transforms Your Management Strategies

Renting equipment in Lake City helps you lower management costs and reduce the effect of downtime on your fleet. If you ever have an emergency equipment failure, all you need to do is reach out to your Ring Power dealer. We can provide a rental solution that keeps your operations going.

Rentals give you the opportunity to save money on machinery that you may only need for a specified period. This flexible option is one you can use to lower maintenance and ownership costs over time.

Choose Ring Power Support Today

Choosing Ring Power as your source of equipment rentals in Lake City offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved work efficiency and productivity.
  • Rental delivery and pickup options.
  • Flexible daily, weekly and monthly rental terms.
  • Effective, convenient customer service.
  • 24-hour emergency on-site services.

We inspect and maintain every piece of equipment after every rental to make sure it’s ready for the next customer. This process protects your fleet and prevents setbacks during the rental period so you can feel confident in every project.

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At Ring Power, we know that we succeed when you do, and we are committed to supporting you through every project. Call 386-947-4939 today or contact us online to request a quick quote if you’re ready to learn more about our Lake City rental equipment.

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