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Preventing problems before they happen is our business. Our inspection, diagnostic and repair services are designed to keep you running at the lowest cost. If you’re looking to order Cat® equipment rentals for your North Florida business, we offer all the support you need to stay on task, even in the most high-demand projects. We serve companies at multiple locations throughout Northern and Central Florida so you can access us from almost anywhere.

Our Services

What good is a rental provider without an ongoing source of support you can count on to keep your fleet going strong? At Ring Power, we offer a wide variety of equipment rentals in North and Central Florida from Caterpillar and other reputable manufacturers. Our accompanying services help ensure that every rental machine maximizes safety and reliability. We keep our equipment operating strong by conducting:

  • Inspections: When it comes to rental equipment, regular inspections are essential. We conduct thorough examinations of all our machines to keep them safe, functional and compliant. 
  • Preventive maintenance: Why fix issues after they arise when you can prevent them from happening in the first place? We keep all our equipment up to date, and we handle all the maintenance so you can focus on making the most of its benefits.
  • Repairs: Machine parts fail sometimes, so we keep a team wit extensive experience servicing and repairing all types of equipment. Our professionals are trained to quickly diagnose a variety of internal issues, and we do the necessary repairs after every inspection. 
  • On-site support: If you have any questions or issues that come up during the rental period, we are glad to help. Your success equals our success, so we go the distance to ensure you can make the most of every product. We even offer 24-hour support for emergencies.


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Industries We Work With

Construction, earthworks and utility businesses all have one thing in common. They each need heavy equipment they can rely on to be efficient and flexible. If you operate in North or Central Florida, you can find a wide range of equipment and services without having to leave your area or search dozens of vendors. We have everything you need in one place, and our services cover just about every type of equipment you could imagine.

We extend our services and support to construction workers, forestry workers, road workers, utility workers and more so that every contractor or fleet manager can enjoy the financial benefits of rental equipment. 


Why Put Your Trust in Ring Power?

At Ring Power, we use all our resources to help you do more without forcing you to spend more. Our services and support are designed to make sure that each piece of equipment in our fleet meets the highest standards of quality so you can do the best job possible.

We are there whenever you need us, and we help you take advantage of the latest technology, minimize downtime and find the piece of equipment that best suits your needs.

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Our rental terms are flexible and tailored to fit your fleet. To learn more about how we service our rental equipment, visit us or contact us for a quick quote today.

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