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We make everyday construction and land development applications easy with our selection of efficient, high-tech Cat® machines. If you’re looking for a local rental provider that offers North Florida backhoe rentals and a wide variety of other brand-name equipment options, consider choosing Ring Power as your dealer. We develop rental terms that work within your parameters and help you set up a long-term strategy that lowers overall costs.

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Backhoe loaders are useful for all types of businesses and applications, from excavation and light-duty transportation to road paving and tree removal. If you rely on these multi-purpose machines to get the job done, you need a backup plan in case of an emergency or shortage.

Ring Power carries backhoe loaders for members of the construction and agriculture industries who need fast, reliable equipment solutions. Our North Florida backhoe rentals are durable and user-friendly, and like all Cat machines, they’re built to stand the test of time. We keep them up to date on all their maintenance and repair needs so that each new client can count on them for reliable service.

Why Rent Backhoe Loaders?

Backhoes are capable and versatile machines, so you might already have a few units ready to serve on your job sites. That said, a machine issue could pop up at any time, forcing you to halt productivity while you search for a suitable replacement. Or, the next project you take on could have specific requirements that your current fleet is not equipped to handle. Whatever the case, renting can save you a great deal of time and money.

Another reason to have a rental provider at your side is that it can help you earn a better return on investment for purchases. If you need a replacement or a high-quality backhoe upgrade, renting allows you to try out the model before buying it. This "test drive" capability helps ensure that you know what you’re getting ahead of time.

Choose Ring Power as Your Local Option

Ring Power offers backhoes from Caterpillar as well as equipment from a variety of other manufacturers. Our broad selection of equipment makes us an excellent one-stop shop for contractors who need equipment options and support services. Some of the benefits of choosing us as your North Florida backhoe rental provider include:

  • Rental flexibility.
  • Inspections, diagnostics and repairs for all backhoes.
  • 24/7 on-site emergency support.
  • Local availability.
  • Long-term cost savings.

All our backhoe rentals in North and Central Florida are efficient and serviceable, helping you take better control of your business. While most backhoe loaders may be designed for smaller and medium-sized jobs, they still play an important role in many high-demand tasks. We’re here to make sure you have them when you need them.

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