Roadwork Equipment Rentals In North & Central FL

It takes a lot of rugged, dependable equipment to apply blacktop or asphalt on roadways, parking lots, playgrounds and other expansive areas. Making the right machine choices saves time, reduces the dependence on human labor and cuts down on mistakes.

If you're in North or Central Florida, turn to Ring Power for blacktop and asphalt equipment rentals that enable you to complete your projects more quickly and efficiently. Ring Power has been a trusted heavy equipment supplier in the region for six decades. When you partner with us, you get a reliable, expertly maintained and thoroughly inspected machine backed by excellent service and support.

All Types of Asphalt Equipment Rentals in North and Central Florida

No matter what type of blacktopping equipment rentals your project requires, count on Ring Power to fill the gaps in your fleet. We feature products from Caterpillar and other well-known manufacturers at competitive short- and long-term rates. Our inventory includes:

  • Cold planers: Planers mill off the top layer on the existing surface to prepare it for paving.
  • Sweepers: This equipment removes the dust and debris created by the milling process that can prevent uniform material compaction.
  • Asphalt pavers: A paver lays, spreads out and levels the hot asphalt or blacktop mix on the surface.
  • Remixing transfer vehicles: These machines assist the asphalt paver with accepting the mix from a dump truck.
  • Compactors: Compactors, rollers and screeds compress the material after application to achieve stability and increase resistance to deformation and rutting.
  • Dump trucks: Use these heavy-duty vehicles to transport the hot asphalt or blacktop from the production facility to the job site.

Ring Power Provides All the Help You Need

Choosing the right asphalt equipment rentals for your projects can be confusing. Ring Power offers expert product selection assistance to make the task fast, easy and mistake-free. You also get help setting up flexible terms that make sense for your business. In-house transportation is available to save time and streamline your processes — we deliver on time so you can keep the work moving forward. We even handle all maintenance and repairs for as long as you use the equipment.

How Does Renting Equipment Benefit Your North or Central Florida Business?

There are numerous reasons to consider renting your blacktopping equipment:

  • Ability to make quick fleet additions and replacements to minimize downtime
  • More chances to improve productivity and earn customers' confidence by matching models with applications
  • Lower maintenance, repair and overhead costs
  • Increased borrowing power — rentals won't show as a liability on your company's balance sheet
  • Freedom to try one or several products during the buying evaluation process with no risk or obligation

Learn More About Blacktopping Equipment Rentals

Discover why so many business owners in North and Central Florida choose Ring Power for blacktop and asphalt equipment and their other rental needs. Stop by the store in your area today or give us a call at 888-748-7464. You can also contact us online to ask for a quick rental quote.