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A scissor lift is a vertically moving aerial work platform designed for supporting individuals when working at moderate heights. These machines derive their name from the crisscross tubes that function in a scissor-like manner to raise and support the platform. You can also drive them around a site with ease, making scissor lifts ideal for repetitive jobs that require frequent lifting and lowering of the workers.

If you're in North or Central Florida, Ring Power is your fully stocked headquarters for a variety of high-quality scissor lift rentals at affordable daily, weekly and long-term rates. You also experience the top-notch service that has been a Ring Power hallmark for decades.

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Late-Model Equipment From Reputable Manufacturers

Our scissor lift rentals in North and Central Florida feature machines from well-known and widely respected manufacturers like JLG and Genie. Most of these models are of more recent vintage, which means they include a host of technological innovations that increase productivity and safety.

We offer the following scissor lift types for rent:

  • Electric: These most commonly used scissor lifts are the preferred choice for indoor environments or when working in enclosed spaces. They don't require fossil fuels to operate, which makes them quiet and emissions-free. Some models also offer a tight turning radius that allows the operator to maneuver and position them with ease.
  • Rough terrain: These lifts are engine-powered machines designed for working on more challenging or uneven surfaces in the outdoors. These units usually run on gas or diesel fuel and include reinforced tires to prevent flats.

Not sure which scissor lift rental version is right for you? The equipment specialists at any of our convenient locations can help you make the best choice for your applications.

Many Excellent Reasons to Make Us Your Rental Partner

Choosing Ring Power as your rental equipment supplier offers numerous business advantages:

  • Access to a broad selection of late-model, expertly maintained machines in excellent condition
  • A fast, seamless rental process that saves time and eliminates hassles
  • On-time delivery of your rental to your job site
  • Complete on-site maintenance and repair service for the length of your rental agreement
  • Reliable support from a local dealer that's been in business for nearly 60 years

Consider All the Benefits of Renting

Renting gives you immediate access to "young" equipment with the latest technological advancements, enabling you to get more work done in less time. You can also supplement your fleet quickly when the need arises — you won't have to turn down a project due to not having the right machine for the job. And renting is perfect if you want to test a specific model for a few days or weeks to evaluate it for an eventual purchase.

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Please take a moment to explore our current lineup of scissor lift rentals in North and Central Florida. If you have questions or would like to request a rental quote, feel free to call us at 352-797-9500 or contact us online.

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