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Does your industry require heavy equipment to operate efficiently? Here at Yancey Rents — The Cat® Rental Store, we understand how essential it is to have quick access to equipment, especially when you're completing time-sensitive projects. 

If you need to rent Cat equipment in Macon, Georgia, you can trust us as your supplier. We have been providing crews in demanding industries throughout Georgia with Cat equipment for over 100 years, and we intend to continue that legacy.

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Our Selection of Equipment Rentals

When you choose us as your equipment dealer, you can benefit from a large inventory of high-performance equipment. Our extensive range of heavy-duty machinery gives you the freedom to choose the ideal unit for your project. You can count on our rental equipment to serve you when you need it most. 

Our inventory includes rental equipment in various categories, including:

  • Aerial lifts
  • HVAC systems 
  • Earth-moving equipment 
  • Power generation systems
  • Spotter trucks 
  • Attachments
  • Trucks and trailers

We cater to a wide variety of industries, providing reliable equipment to farmers, contractors and industrial manufacturers. Our team has the skills and knowledge needed to assist these industries and ensure they get the right solution for their project. Since our inventory includes so many products, we understand it can be challenging to find precisely what you're looking for, especially when your project requires specialized equipment. Rely on our team to find the perfect unit for your application. 

Reasons to Rent Equipment

Although purchasing your equipment has its advantages, there are just as many benefits to renting your equipment. Maybe one of your units is experiencing downtime, and you need a temporary replacement to continue with your existing operations. We can assist you in your time of need with a timely and flexible rental period, whether short- or long-term. 

Renting equipment can also serve you well if you have an upcoming project that requires a larger fleet for a short period of time. Similarly, you may choose to rent additional equipment during your peak season to help you increase productivity and keep up with the influx of projects. 

Renting equipment may also benefit your business financially, as you can skip regular maintenance expenses and the upfront costs of purchasing equipment. These savings allow you to allocate your capital to other aspects of your business. 

Partner With Yancey Rents 

At Yancey Rents — The Cat Rental Store, we put your needs first. You can trust our team to support you before and during the rental period. We also offer a Rental Protection Plan to cover you in the event of theft or accidental damage while you're renting our equipment. 

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Are you ready to start the rental process? We're eager to help. Join our satisfied clients by contacting us for more information on our equipment rental procedure. You can fill out an online form or visit the closest store in person.

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