Rental Protection Plan

Yancey’s Rental Protection Plan (RPP) is a simple and affordable program that offers additional protection from unintended risk during your construction equipment rentals. The most common perils people encounter when renting construction equipment are:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft

How Does Our RPP Work?

During your rental, if something may happen to the unit like accidental damage or theft from a secured location, the Customer’s Share of Repair is lesser of 10% of the replacement value of the Equipment, 10% of the cost of repairs, or $500 plus state and local taxes This means that no matter how great the cost is to repair or replace any equipment you are guaranteed to never owe any more than $500.


The cost of our RPP is 16% of the rental cost.

A towable pump was rented for a week at $800 and was stolen from a secured jobsite.

A Compact Track Loader was rented for a month at $1,900 and was struck by lightning at the job site.

Rental Protection Plan Brochure


Incident Report Guidelines


Rental Protection Plan Incident Report (PRINT)

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