When Should You Consider Pump Rental?


For trash, water, and dewatering applications, you need a reliable pump system. At The Ohio Cat Rental Store, we offer an extensive collection of pumps to meet your needs on the job. Our stock covers various types, including:

  • PORTABLE: For mobile applications, portable pumps offer wheels and towing mechanisms. Transport these models to different locations and throughout your site.
  • SUBMERSIBLE: With a submersible pump, you can push water to the surface for an efficient water management solution. These pump types can help in sewage treatment, irrigation, mine dewatering, seawater applications and more.
  • SILENT DIESEL: Our silent diesel pumps have a generous fuel capacity for continuous, unattended pumping. With high GPM options and quiet operation, these may be an excellent solution for your process requirements.


Ohio Cat Rental has the industrial pump you need for your projects in dewatering, sewer bypass, pump station bypass, quarries, and other industrial applications. All of our equipment options are made by well-known manufacturers. We are an authorized dealer for Gorman-Rupp, so we sell and service their pumps in addition to providing quality replacement parts. Their equipment is suitable for rough environments and can pump even the most abrasive materials with ease.

Some of our pumps are designed to be submerged in liquid, while other options are self-priming. Their outputs range from 2 inches to 12 inches, and you’ll find a variety of power sources. All of our choices have unique features, so you are sure to find just what you need.


At Ohio Cat Rental Store, you have a lot of options for your industrial pump rental. You can rent an industrial pump from one of these categories:
  • Electric submersible pumps
  • Hydraulic submersible pumps
  • Prime assisted electric drive
  • Prime assisted high head pumps
  • Prime assisted pumps
  • Pump hose fittings
  • Silent pumps
  • Utility pumps
  • Wet prime diesel pumps


You may already own a pump or two if a significant part of your job is water management. If you rely heavily on this equipment, having access to rental pumps provides an excellent temporary solution in times of emergency or increased demand. If your current pump system is out of commission, you can rent one of our models until it's out of the shop.

When you have a busy day or week, using more pumps can support productivity and ensure you stay on schedule. You can also take the pressure off of your workers with additional equipment help. You may even rent one of our pumps to test a model before buying it, allowing you to make a more informed purchasing decision.

If you're looking to stay within your budget, renting allows you to pay for equipment only as you need it. Whether you're saving for bigger items or finding your footing as a business, rentals help you stay frugal with your spending and make the most of your capital.


The Ohio Cat Rental Store has the pump selection you need to stay on top of water and dewatering applications. Explore our selection online, or visit us in-store for a closer look. We have locations in Ohio and Kentucky to serve your business. To learn more about our equipment and obtain pricing information, give us a call at 440-658-2000 or fill out a quote form.

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