Rental Environmental Disposal Fee Information

Ohio Machinery Co. is committed to long-term global sustainability of our environment and is an advocate of environmentally safe business practices. To reduce the impacts of emissions and waste from our fleet of equipment, Ohio Machinery Co. uses environmentally friendly equipment to properly dispose of the materials used to run, maintain and transport our equipment. Examples of activities associated with Ohio Machinery Co.’s commitment to the environment are: (1) compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws, regulations and rules relating to Ohio Machinery Co.’s business operations; (2) the implementation of voluntary conservation or "green" initiatives; and (3) purchase of engines and equipment that use advanced emission control technologies; (4) the proper handling, managing, cleaning of equipment, disposal of liquids (e.g., motor oil, grease, and hydraulic fluid) and upgrades to wash bay water treatment and (5) proper disposal of filters, tires, batteries and shop waste.

Ohio Machinery Co.’s Environmental/Disposal Fee is designed to offset investment costs and expenses related to helping keep the environment clean while reducing emissions and proper disposal of waste products and parts. The fee is not a tax, or a government-mandated charge and Ohio Machinery Co. may change the fee from time to time in its discretion. Ohio Machinery Co. collects Environmental/Disposal Fees as revenue and uses it for the above-mentioned purposes.