Generator Rentals in Ohio & Northern Kentucky

Power generation equipment is critical to any operation, allowing you to run a wide range of tools and stay on schedule throughout the day. At Ohio CAT, we carry control panels and mobile generators to keep power accessible to your company no matter where you are, all conveniently available through The Cat® Rental Store.

Get Your Job Done With Portable Generator Rentals in Ohio

At The Ohio Cat Rental Store, our selection of power generation equipment will provide the power and portability you need for your next project. Our selection includes a variety of control panels and mobile generator sets to accommodate your equipment and work site.

Our control panels come in a range of amp distributions and voltages to function with a wide variety of electric tools. Keep your power supply protected and evenly distributed throughout the day to ensure maximum productivity on the job.

Mobile generator sets include various kilowatt capabilities to provide the power you need on-site. With user-friendly controls and DOT-approved trailers for safe and efficient transportation, these generator sets make an excellent addition to any fleet. With various output options, you can meet all of your unique power needs.

Rent Generators When You Need Them

While purchasing equipment will develop your fleet, renting helps you boost productivity when you need it most. With the ability to customize your time frame, generator rentals can work for you in many circumstances.

If you have a reliable generator set in need of repair, you can send it to the shop and use one of our rentals to keep up with your on-site goals. With our daily, weekly and monthly rates, you can rent your power equipment as long as you need it.

Renting your portable generator set or control panel also helps you exceed your standard workload. When you have a busy week full of tight deadlines, extra generators can help you run more tools and complete more goals in a day. Staying on top of your schedule will keep your company successful throughout the week.

Equipment rental is an easy way to cut back on spending and stick to your budget. Paying for your generators only as you need them allows you to avoid the long-term commitment of a purchase you may not be ready to take on.

Find an Ohio Location Near You for Generator Rental

The Ohio Cat Rental Store has locations throughout Ohio and a Kentucky store to serve your power generation needs. Find the store closest to you for a convenient rental experience.

You can browse our full selection online or visit in person. Regardless of how you choose to shop, the Ohio CAT team is here to support your rental experience from beginning to end. We'll help you find the right model for your needs and create a contract that fits your schedule and budget. We'll also provide transportation to your work site at your request. 

Come to The Ohio Cat® Rental Store for Generator Rental

The Ohio Cat Rental Store has the power generation equipment you need to keep your ambitious projects and daily tasks on track. Explore our stock today and fill out a quote form to receive more information. You can also call us at 1-440-658-2000 to speak with one of our experts.