Truck & Trailer Rentals in Ohio & Northern Kentucky

Hauling tools, equipment and materials is critical in any industry, from construction to agriculture. That's why Ohio CAT carries a broad selection of trucks and trailers to meet your temporary hauling needs. Browse our options online through The Cat® Rental Store for a convenient, hassle-free rental experience.

Stay on Schedule With Truck Rentals in Ohio

Trucks and trailers are excellent tools for transporting materials on-site and between locations. When you have hauling needs, you want your vehicle to suit your application. At The Ohio Cat Rental Store, we have an extensive collection of trucks and trailers to support your productivity. You can come to us for:

  • Dump trucks: With a dump truck, you can easily haul and unload materials like dirt, rocks, sand and debris. The ability to unload with the push of a button makes it easy to stay efficient throughout the day.
  • Off-highway trucks: Specially designed for mining, construction and quarry uses, these vehicles are prepared to handle rugged terrain while moving large loads.
  • Utility-equipment trailers: When you need to haul essential equipment and other big tools to your site, these flatbed trailers do the job.
  • Utility vehicles: With a utility vehicle, you can transport tools and personnel to various locations on the field.
  • Water trucks: If your operation relies on significant water usage, our range of water trucks can accommodate your hauling needs.

When Should You Rent Trucks and Trailers?

Renting is an excellent resource for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to fill temporary needs without stretching yourself financially. Companies often turn to rentals when vital equipment is in the shop. If your off-highway truck or utility vehicle needs repairs, you can rent one of ours to keep your projects moving. 

When you have a packed schedule, you may rely on rental trucks for a productivity boost. Extra vehicles can take the stress off of workers while ensuring you meet your goals. You may even use renting as a way to test out vehicles and see how they affect your productivity. With more experience, you can make informed purchasing decisions.

We Provide Unmatched Customer Support for Our Rentals

The team at The Ohio Cat Rental Store will ensure you have a streamlined rental experience. Our experts can guide you through our available vehicles to help you make the right decision for your application. When you find the right truck or trailer for your job, we'll create a contract that considers your budget and time frame. With daily, weekly and monthly rates, your agreement can reflect your schedule. 

Our support will continue throughout your rental term to ensure your trucks and trailers are always in the best shape. While we carefully inspect and maintain all of our equipment, you may encounter maintenance needs on the job. You can come to our crew at no extra charge to keep your rentals running smoothly.

Come to The Cat® Rental Store for Ohio Trailer Rental

At The Ohio Cat Rental Store, we'll ensure you find the right truck or trailer for your hauling needs. You can explore our rentals online or visit us in person at one of our store locations. If you want more information, call us at 1-440-658-2000 or fill out a quote form.