Compactor Rentals in Alabama & the Florida Panhandle

In construction, rollers and compactors are critical for creating stable foundations for buildings and other infrastructure. Thompson Rents carries compaction equipment for various applications that you can rent for your next job.

Get the Job Done With Compactor Rentals in Alabama

Compaction is critical in paving applications and improving soil density for laying foundations. Your exact compacting needs will change according to the area you're working in, and we offer all the equipment you need to meet your application.

We carry:

  • Compactors. From smooth wheel and vibratory compactors to tandem and utility rollers, our selection of compactors supports a range of size and power needs.
  • Plate compactors. When other compactors are too bulky for your work site, plate compactors offer a small footprint with enough power for coarse soils.
  • Rammers. Much like plate compactors, rammers offer a small blueprint for tight areas. They give soil a higher impact load and provide enough force for rock fragment compaction.
  • Walk-behind rollers. When you need a drum's rolling motion in a small machine, walk-behind rollers provide a compact size with the ideal machine configuration.

Rent Rollers When You Need Them

While purchasing your compaction equipment is the best way to develop your fleet, it's not always the right move for your circumstances. Our rental options are available to you any time you need them. With short-term agreements and long-term arrangements, you can make use of our rollers as the situation demands.

A common reason for renting is when vital equipment is in the shop for repairs. If you rely on your compactor to stay productive, you can count on us to meet your temporary need. Renting can also be useful for saving money and staying within your budget. If you only need rollers on occasion, rentals allow you to pay for machines as you need them rather than paying high costs upfront.

Our rentals can even support you during some of your busiest weeks. When you take on several jobs and have tight deadlines to fill, adding extra machines for the week can take the pressure off your workers and help you achieve more work in less time.

Find a Location Near You for Compaction Equipment

Thompson Rents has rental locations throughout Alabama and the Florida panhandle to serve your equipment needs. Find The Cat® Rental Store closest to you for convenient access to compaction machinery.

You can visit one of our locations to explore our selection or browse online to find the right tool for your next job. Our team is here to support your rental experience however you choose to do it. If you have any questions, you can give us a call at 1-205-664-9489.

When you find the right machine, we'll create a contract that works with your timeline and budget requirements. We can also arrange transportation to your work site if you need it.

Request a Quote for Your Alabama Roller Rental

Thompson Rents offers the equipment selection and support you need for your next rental. If you find a machine you like, give us a call at 1-833-937-3683 or ask for a quick online quote to receive more information.