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At Thompson Rents, we understand that every industry has unique processes, applications, and needs. Different tasks call for different types of equipment. That's why we have a variety of heavy machinery available for rent.

We make it easy to find solutions for your specific job and industry. Explore the different industries we cater to and the types of rental equipment we provide.

Rental Equipment for Your Industry

Thompson Rents is your one-stop shop for rental equipment. We are an authorized Cat® dealer serving Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. We've provided this region with top-tier equipment, parts, and services since 1957.

Whether you're laying pipework, planting crops, or clearing and transporting debris, Thompson Rents has the equipment you need to get the job done efficiently. Browse the different types of heavy machinery you can rent from our inventory.

Agriculture Equipment Rental

Traditionally, the farming and agriculture industry has relied on hand tools and manual labor to complete tasks like the following:

  • Soil enrichment
  • Irrigation
  • Sowing
  • Crop rotation
  • Harvesting
  • Weeding

Now, with heavy machinery, farmers can tackle these jobs far more efficiently, which translates to much less fatigue, burnout, and risk of injury. At Thompson Rents, we have a vast selection of equipment to serve your agricultural operations. Our solutions include:

Agricultural Equipment
  • Seeders: In the past, farmers planted seeds by hand. This technique made the task incredibly tedious and more likely to result in uneven seed distribution. A seeder drops seeds into straight, even rows in the soil at specific depths and rates, which helps ensure the crops receive ample sunlight, water, and nutrients. It's ideal for planting crops that require extensive spacing and order, like sunflowers, cotton, pumpkins, and corn.
  • Wheel loaders: A wheel loader can scoop, lift, and move materials like dirt, sand, and rock onto a dump truck or other machine. Wheel loaders can assist in various agricultural processes, like loading silos, transporting feed and supplies, and moving soil and snow.
  • Brush cutters: A brush cutter is an agricultural tool for mowing over small trees, weeds, and other foliage a standard lawn mower cannot handle. You can equip the device with different trimmer heads or blades to fit your application. Farmers often use brush cutters to remove thick vegetation and keep their fields neat and clean. 

Construction Equipment Rental

It's widely known that the construction industry relies heavily on equipment. Functional machinery is crucial to stay on schedule, meet deadlines, and complete different tasks such as:

  • Digging and excavating terrain
  • Clearing debris from the site
  • Crushing or grinding different materials, like rocks and wood
  • Mixing concrete

Construction entails a broad range of projects, from residential to commercial structures. Thompson Rents is your source for Cat construction equipment rental. We carry a variety of machinery, including:

  • Excavators: An excavator is ideal for moving large amounts of material when you need to dig deep into the earth. It's typically used to prepare land for construction projects and perform jobs like digging basements or cutting trenches.
  • Bulldozers: Bulldozers are a staple for clearing land and performing shallow digging and ditching applications. You can use this equipment to grade rough terrain or spread soil dumped from trucks. It can also remove trees, stumps, and boulders with ease. Since bulldozers have tracks, they're great for maneuvering on tricky terrains such as sand, mud, and rock.
  • Articulated dump trucks: Consider an articulated truck if you need to dump and transport gravel, soil, and other materials. These solutions can handle high material volumes and offer excellent maneuverability even in tight areas.

Whatever type of equipment you're looking for, we have the solutions you need to complete construction projects efficiently.

Landscaping Equipment Rental

Landscapers depend on reliable machinery to design and maintain outdoor areas like backyards and community parks. Having the right equipment is essential for digging soil, clearing debris, and other tasks. Some must-haves for landscaping projects include:

Landscaping Equipment
  • Brush chippers: A brush or wood chipper breaks down large pieces of wood, like branches and old trees. You can then dispose of these wood chips or use them for mulch.
  • Stump cutters: If old or rotten stumps stand in the way of completing your project, a stump grinder can clear them away in minutes. That way, you'll have a nice, clean area for the job.
  • Compact track and multi terrain loaders: This equipment is ideal for carrying and transporting materials like mulch, soil, and stone. Compact track loaders provide optimal traction for dozing and grading applications, while multi terrain loaders have suspended undercarriages, enabling smoother and quicker transportation over uneven terrain. They also have lower ground pressure, making them ideal for delicate surfaces like lawns and sod.
  • Straw blowers: Manually covering dirt, soil, or mulch with straw can be labor-intensive and time-consuming — especially when you're working with significant acreage. A straw blower offers a fast, simple way to spread seeds and straw across terrain.
  • Trenchers: Ride-on trenchers are excellent for digging deep trenches in different terrains. Meanwhile, walk-behind trenchers are better for shallow digging applications, such as laying and installing pipes and electrical cables.

Emergency Response Equipment Rental

When a natural disaster strikes, emergency response crews must prepare for power losses, fallen trees, and debris buildup. Heavy equipment can move large amounts of rubble at once, clearing the way for emergency teams to tend to injured individuals. It can also speed up cleanup and reconstruction after a thunderstorm, earthquake, hurricane, or other calamity. In many cases, heavy equipment is key to saving lives.

We have an assortment of rental equipment that can assist with emergency situations:

  • Earthmoving equipment: Skid steer loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, and other earthmoving equipment can help push and clear debris after a natural disaster. 
  • Power generators: Power outages are a common occurrence after major weather events. A backup generator can power critical equipment and provide electricity to areas in need. Buildings that remain intact or have been designated as evacuation zones can use generators for powering lights, HVAC systems, and other devices to keep everyone safe and comfortable.
  • Pumps: Pumps help emergency response crews dewater areas after events like floods, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms.

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Equipment Rentals to Meet Your Needs at Thompson Rents

Whether you work in agriculture, construction, landscaping, or emergency response, Thompson Rents has you covered with high-quality heavy machinery for rent. Our technicians meticulously inspect and maintain our rental fleet to ensure reliable performance so you can complete your tasks with precision and efficiency.

We also offer flexible rental rates, allowing you to rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Not quite sure what machine you need? Our experienced technicians can assist you in choosing the best equipment for your applications.

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