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When you need to temporarily enhance your fleet, equipment rentals are an excellent option. Thompson Cat Rental Store has rental locations in Mobile, Alabama, and throughout northwest Florida to support your fleet's needs when they arise. Check out our full selection to see what we can do for you.


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Mobile Equipment Rentals to Support Any Application

You may need to rent equipment for a range of applications, and Thompson Cat Rental Store carries a broad selection of machines to meet your requirements. We have equipment for:

If you're looking for auxiliary equipment, we also have power generators, pumps and air compressors available for rent. Our work tool attachments are excellent for adding new abilities to your current machines, and site support tools offer improved performance in various areas on-site.

Our rental selection also includes trucks with water tanks, booms and cranes to assist in your operations. With our wide variety of equipment, you can use our rental services to support immediate or long-term needs.

When Should You Rent?

Renting can be a smart decision when you want to:

  • Try something new. Caterpillar and other leading brands introduce new equipment all the time, and you may want to try them out. Renting allows you to add new models to your fleet to see how they can advance your operations.
  • Save money. With rental equipment, you can meet the same performance standards without a significant cost. You also set specific rental terms for as long as you need.
  • Improve productivity. Your operation may take on a job that requires a unique piece of equipment that you don't have in your standard fleet. When you rent, you gain access to special equipment you can return when the job is done. This system is also ideal when a crucial machine is in the shop.

Gain Continued Support From the Thompson Cat Rental Store Team

Once you find the rental equipment you need for your next job, turn to our team in Mobile to finalize your contract. We'll find a time frame that suits your application, identify an ideal price and arrange transportation if you need it. With our support, you can have confidence you're renting on the best possible terms.

When our machines are not in use, we maintain them to ensure they meet performance standards. If you experience any performance issues with your equipment while under contract, you can bring it to us for maintenance at no extra charge.

Choose Thompson Cat Rental Store for Equipment Rentals in Mobile

If you need to fill a gap in your fleet or stick to a tight budget, Cat® rentals are an ideal place to start. Our Mobile location offers an extensive collection of heavy machinery for your application. Browse our full selection and give us a call at 1-251-452-1180 if you have any questions. If you're ready to schedule a rental, fill out our quote form to learn more.

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