Landscaping Equipment Rentals in Alabama & the Florida Panhandle

Landscaping equipment is valuable for digging, seeding and more. The Thompson Tractor branch of The Cat® Rental Store offers a selection of landscaping tools to keep you productive throughout the week. Take a look at our machine availability and how these devices can support your operation.

Boost Productivity With Landscaping Equipment Rentals in Alabama

When you handle landscaping tasks, you need your tools to support your productivity. At Thompson Rents, we have a selection of forestry and landscaping tools to keep you efficient on the job. We carry:

  • Ride-on trenchers. When you need to create deep trenches in a range of terrains, ride-on trenchers are a valuable tool.
  • Straw blowers. In landscaping, forestry, and agriculture, this equipment is beneficial for spreading seeds and layers of straw.
  • Walk-behind trenchers. While ride-on equipment helps dig deep trenches, walk-behind trenchers are excellent for more shallow applications like electrical cable installation and pipelaying.

To ensure your rental landscaping tools meet your performance standards, we maintain all the equipment at our locations. When you use these machines, you can expect productivity all day long.

Landscaping Equipment Rentals When You Need Them

If you're often involved in landscaping and forestry jobs, you may already own some of these mission-critical pieces. Renting supports you when you do not. If you have to send your straw blower or trencher to the shop for repairs, you can rent one of our machines until your maintenance is complete.

Rentals are also valuable for boosting productivity on busy days or weeks. When you have a packed schedule with tight deadlines, it might be challenging to keep up with your fleet alone. Adding an extra machine or two can help your workers achieve more in less time and keep you on schedule.

When you pay for machines as you need them, you can save money. Rather than committing to a big purchase, you can enjoy the productivity boost for a much lower rate. For small businesses and big companies, renting is an excellent financial move.

Customer Support for Your Rental Term

When you come to Thompson Rents for your rental needs, we'll guide you through the process from beginning to end. If you need assistance with finding the right machine, we can explain our available models.

When you find the right machine for your application, we'll create a rental contract that meets your timeline and budget requirements. Daily, weekly, and monthly rates make it possible to personalize your agreement according to your needs.

Our support even continues after signing the contract. We'll provide transportation to your work site at your request, and you'll gain access to our maintenance team throughout your term. If you encounter performance issues on the job, you can take the machine to us at no extra cost.

Choose Thompson Rents for Alabama Landscaping Equipment Rental

With trencher options and straw blowers plus much more, your operation can stay on task and meet productivity demands. Thompson Rents has locations throughout Alabama and Florida, and you can visit us in-store or shop our selection online. For more information, give us a call at 1-833-937-3683 or ask for a quick online quote.