Site Support Tool Rentals in Alabama & the Florida Panhandle

Complete on-site tasks efficiently and safely with purpose-built site support tools from Thompson Rents. We back our productive, well-maintained machines with attentive customer support and dedication to keeping your team moving with reliable equipment selected for your applications.

Boost Productivity With Equipment Rentals

As your local branch of The Cat® Rental Store, Thompson Rents takes pride in maintaining an extensive selection of robust equipment to fulfill temporary needs on any job site.

Pressure Washers

Keep surfaces clean and perform pressure washing fast with hot- and cold-water pressure washers from Thompson Rents. The right model makes mitigating dirt, grease, oil, and other materials easier than ever, saving time and making it far easier for your team to clean large and out-of-reach areas without lowering productivity or requiring team members to work at height.

Ride-On Brooms

Clear away debris and other materials to ensure your facility is ready for work. Compared to sweeping with traditional brooms or using a smaller model, these ride-on sweepers let you cover more area much faster, maximizing efficiency.


Welding is a critical process for teams in many industries. Equip your job site with these capabilities when you need them with a powerful, highly reliable welder.

Miscellaneous Products

Your work site may have other short-term needs that demand specialized equipment. Whether you require a maintenance hole blower, kerosene heater, core drill, or hydrostatic test pump, we have solutions you can trust for excellent performance.

Benefits of Renting From Thompson Rents

Many job site requirements are temporary. Whether you need a tool to expand your capabilities for a unique job or keep your operations on track while a machine you own undergoes repairs, our rentals are excellent solutions that provide several other benefits:

  • Cost-efficiency: Entering a rental agreement is a much smaller upfront investment than purchasing site support tools. Beyond your rental's price, you'll save on operating costs while ensuring high productivity and potentially taking on more projects.
  • Streamlined maintenance: When you rent tools and machinery from Thompson Rents, we'll handle the upkeep throughout your agreement's duration. Your equipment will be ready to work when you receive it, and our experienced technicians will keep it in excellent shape.
  • Convenient storage: Keeping your equipment safe when you don't need it on your job site requires a significant amount of space. We'll take your site support tool rentals back when you're done with them, making room for the machinery you own.

Renting from Thompson Rents ensures you receive high-quality site support tools, responsive customer service, and expert assistance when you have questions about the best solutions for your job site or operations. Our inventory only includes equipment from trusted brands, so you can feel confident that your rental will perform well for as long as you need it. We have several decades of experience meeting customers' needs, and our team is ready to put that expertise to work for you.

Rely on Our Team for Equipment Rentals in the Florida Panhandle and Alabama

Expand your capabilities and keep your operations productive with site support tool rentals. Contact the team at Thompson Rents with questions, or explore our selection to receive a custom quote today.