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Broussard Rental Equipment

When you need to fill out your fleet for a last-minute project or you want to try machinery before you buy, rental equipment is an excellent option. Louisiana Rents has a location in Broussard to cater to your rental needs. Our broad selection of equipment is sure to support your next job.

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Broussard Rental Equipment for Your Next Job

The Cat® Rental Store in Broussard carries a wide array of heavy machinery and tools to build out your fleet. From municipal operations to independent construction companies, we offer equipment for various applications. Count on us for:

  • Material handling.
  • Earthmoving.
  • Power generation.
  • Compaction.
  • Aerial equipment.
  • Roadwork machinery.

Our store also carries site support equipment and work tool attachments to introduce more abilities to your fleet and improve productivity. With our extensive selection of products, we can help you find what you need for your application.

When Do You Benefit From Renting?

Renting equipment can be an excellent option for various circumstances. Instead of making a significant investment upfront, you can rent equipment to:

  • Try new tech. Caterpillar and other leading brands offer equipment updates and developments all the time. When you're eager to try new technology but not ready to buy, renting allows you to use the latest machinery without a big commitment.
  • Meet new needs. When a piece of critical equipment is in the shop, your operation may experience a sharp decrease in efficiency. Other times, you take on a job that requires unusual equipment to do so effectively. Rent equipment to fill in these gaps.
  • Respect your budget. Smaller companies often can't afford extensive investments upfront, making rental equipment an excellent option for you to drum up business without overextending your finances.

When a significant investment is out of reach, you can count on The Cat Rental Store to provide diverse options for fleets of many sizes.

Our Team Tailors Your Contract to Your Needs

If you need guidance finding the right rental equipment, our customer service team is happy to guide you through the selection process. We'll help you find the best equipment for your job and create a contract that works on your terms. We can design a short- or long-term agreement at a price that works for you.

We ensure the equipment we offer meets the performance standards you expect from Caterpillar. We upkeep our machinery in the store while it's not in use, and you gain access to our maintenance services when you enter an agreement. If you encounter any malfunctions or repair needs, you can take your rental to us at no extra cost.

Explore our full selection online or visit us in-store to see our stock in-person.

Choose Louisiana Rents for Broussard Rental Equipment

Our Broussard location has proximity to prominent cities like Lafayette, making it accessible to many companies in the area. Explore our full selection and find what you need for your next job. If you have any questions for us, stop by our location at 100 Boyce ST, Broussard or call us at 337-593-0220 and feel free to fill out our quote form for any products of interest.

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