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When you manage a machine fleet, renting can be an excellent way to meet job requirements without overspending. At Lousiana Rents, our Saint Rose location offers a broad selection of equipment to meet your needs. Explore your options today, and we'll create an arrangement that works with your schedule.

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Saint Rose Rental Equipment for Any Job

Heavy equipment has a place in many industries, from agriculture to construction. You need your rental options to reflect your various tasks. Louisiana Rents in Saint Rose carries an extensive collection of rental machinery and tools to support your productivity on the job. Call on us for:

Our selection of tool attachments can add even more capabilities to standard machines, while our site support assets can streamline your workflows onsite. You can count on us for air equipment and generators for reliable power, and their portability makes them easy to move from place to place. Our store also carries trucks and trailers for your transportation needs.

When Should You Rent?

Purchasing your heavy machinery is an excellent way to develop your fleet. Still, it's not always the best choice in every scenario. Renting your equipment can be a beneficial company decision for:

  • Your budget. It's favorable to own your equipment when you can, but it's not always within your financial means. Instead of committing to a big investment upfront, you can pay for machines as you need them and save money.
  • Missing equipment. Sometimes critical equipment is in the shop, and your operation can't afford to be without it. Other times, you're working in a unique location that requires a special machine. Renting helps you fill these gaps when they show up.
  • New releases. With Caterpillar and other notable brands releasing new models every year, you may be interested in testing them out. When you rent, you can test-drive the new equipment and buy them later if they impress you.

We'll Find the Right Contract for You

Our Saint Rose customer service team keeps your interests in mind throughout the rental process. We can help you identify the best equipment for your job, and we'll create a contract that fits your needs. Whether you need a machine for a few days or several months, your agreement will reflect your timeline and budget.

When our equipment isn't in the field, we provide regular maintenance to ensure everything meets your performance standards. During your rental, we'll address any rare instances of performance issues, and we'll fix any problems at no extra cost to you.

Choose Lousiana Rents for Equipment Rental in Saint Rose

The Lousiana Rents team is here to support your rental experience. If you have any questions while browsing our selection, you can give us a call at 1-800-766-4070 and we'll help you in any way we can.

When you find the machines you're interested in, you can fill out our online quote form to get a quick estimate. We look forward to working with you!

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