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Bossier City Rental Equipment

If you operate a construction fleet in Louisiana, visit The Cat® Rental Store in Bossier City for high-performance equipment for rent. With our extensive machinery collection and a team of supportive customer service members, we'll help you find what you want at a price that fits your budget.

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Bossier City Has the Rental Equipment You Need

Louisiana Rents in Bossier City carries a range of Cat equipment to meet your next job's needs. Whether you're involved in construction, landscaping or agriculture, you can find the right machinery with us. We carry equipment for:

We also carry machine attachmentsroadwork equipment and site support to improve your machinery capabilities and overall performance onsite. Find a combination of equipment for a unique job and replace damaged machines with ease.

Rental Equipment Fits Your Circumstances

Purchasing heavy machinery is the best way to fill out your fleet in the long term, but it's not always the best option for your circumstances. Rental equipment:

  • Helps you save. If you're not ready for a significant investment upfront, renting is an economical option that can help you save on financial resources. From small businesses to tighter budgeting practices, the ability to reduce spending is always a plus.
  • Fills in the gaps. Sometimes your mission-critical equipment is in the shop. Other times, you take on new tasks that require special machinery. Whatever your scenario may be, Louisiana Rents can provide a tailored solution to help you fill in the gaps.
  • Allows you to try new models. Caterpillar releases new and improved equipment all the time, and you may want to see how these updated models improve your fleet. Renting is an excellent way to try before you buy or take new technology for a spin.

Our Customer Service Team Makes Renting Easy

When you're looking for the best rental machinery, you may want guidance. The customer service team at Louisiana Rents will help you identify the best solution for your next job. You can browse our full selection online or visit our Bossier City location to see the equipment in-person.

Rental equipment is ideal for its flexibility, and we'll create a contract that works best for your operation. From short-term stints to long-term arrangements, our team will help you find the right agreement for the best price.

Once you've signed off on your rental contract, you can enjoy the Cat quality you expect. We regularly service our machines to ensure they're in the best possible condition before they leave the store, and you have access to our maintenance team throughout your agreement. Enjoy top-of-the-line service at no extra cost.

Bossier City Rental Equipment With Louisiana Rents

Browse our full selection of equipment at our Bossier City location and find what you need to bolster your fleet. We provide service to companies in town and areas like Monroe and Alexandria. If you'd like to learn more about an equipment listing on our site, fill out our quote form today.

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