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Lake Charles Rental Equipment

Having a diverse machine fleet is useful for various industries and jobs. When purchasing isn't an option, rental equipment can be an excellent way to boost productivity at a reasonable price. With Lousiana Rents, we'll help you find the equipment you need for your preferred length of time.

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Lake Charles Rental Equipment for Any Application

Rental equipment is useful for many industries, from construction to landscaping. The Cat® Rental Store understands the need to fulfill all kinds of projects, and our Lake Charles location carries various machines and tools to meet these needs. We offer equipment for:

We also carry additional equipment and productivity tools. Our air compressors and power generation equipment are portable solutions for fuel and power onsite. Work tool attachments and site support offer adaptability and added efficiency to machines and jobsites.

If you're looking for transportation, our truck and trailer rentals make moving from one site to another easy. With our extensive equipment collection, Louisiana Rents caters to all of your job requirements.

When Can You Benefit From Renting?

Many companies choose to purchase their equipment to develop their fleet, but certain circumstances make renting ideal. Renting is helpful when you:

  • Need a temporary replacement. When mission-critical machines are in the shop, your productivity suffers. With rental options, you can replace your broken equipment while it's in the shop.
  • Want to cut back on spending. While it's nice to fill out your fleet with equipment purchases, it's not always realistic for your financial situation. Renting allows you to use equipment as you need it without hefty upfront costs.
  • Feel like trying out a new model. With Caterpillar and other leading brands releasing new machines every year, you may want to take them for a spin. You can find new releases from The Cat Rental Store and try them out before you buy.

Louisiana Rents Supports You Through Every Step

When you come to Louisiana Rents for equipment rental, you can expect friendly customer service throughout the process. We can help you identify the right tools and machinery for your needs, and we'll design a contract that works with your timeline.

We maintain our equipment when it's not in use to ensure it meets your performance standards. Your rental agreement includes anytime access to our maintenance team, meaning any issues get handled professionally and quickly. We'll also accommodate any transportation needs you have for your machinery.

Come to Louisiana Rents for Equipment Rental in Lake Charles

Louisiana Rents supports diverse operations with a broad range of machinery and tools. We'll help you stay productive on the job for as long as you need us. Explore our equipment online and give us a call or request a quote using our online form today.

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