Aerial Lift Rentals in Louisiana

Industries like electrical and construction need to reach high places to complete their jobs. With aerial lifts, operations can meet these needs with ease. At Lousiana Rents, we carry a selection of rental aerial lifts to serve cities across the state.

Meet Your Needs With Aerial Lift Rentals in Louisiana

At Louisiana Rents, we know that you can encounter aerial needs in many industries. From construction to forestry, we have the machines you need to access high places.

We carry straight and articulating boom lifts for various applications. With heights up to 80 feet, users can access hard-to-reach areas like electrical wires, treetops and tall buildings. These machines are excellent for setting up scaffolding, hanging signs and cleaning windows, making them ideal for any operation. With a secure and stable platform, operators stay safe while getting the job done well.

Our Louisiana Rents stores also carry scissor lifts. While these aerial machines offer less height than our boom lifts, they provide ample platform room for more than one operator or extra tools. Our 19-foot and 26-foot options support smooth motion and up-and-down mobility. They're excellent for general maintenance work, warehouse operations and working on uneven terrain.

When Should You Rent an Aerial Lift?

Renting your aerial lift can be a smart move in various circumstances. If your operation has a unique job with a need for reach, you can rent a boom or scissor lift for the occasion. With short-term rental options, you can use a lift for as little as a day and return it when you're done.

If you regularly use an aerial lift but yours is in the shop, a rental is an excellent option for you. Rent a lift for as long as yours needs repairs, and you can maintain your operation's productivity.

With reasonable prices on daily, weekly and monthly rentals, our rental lifts help any company looking to stay within their budget. When you pay for your equipment as you need it, you can avoid the high upfront cost of purchasing and save for bigger things later on.

Find an Aerial Lift at a Lousiana Rents Location Near You

Louisiana Rents has store locations throughout the state. You can find us in:

  • Alexandria.
  • Baton Rouge.
  • Bossier City.
  • Broussard.
  • Harvey.
  • Lake Charles.
  • Monroe.
  • Saint Rose.
  • Winnfield.

When you work with us for your aerial equipment rental, we'll find a contract that works with your timeline. We can also arrange transportation to your site if you need it and handle any repairs during your rental term.

If you have questions about our lifts and what's best for your application, give us a call at 1-800-766-4070.

Contact Us for Lift Rentals in Louisiana

With a variety of aerial lifts and reliable customer service, the team at Louisiana Rents can help you find what you're looking for. Explore our full inventory and create rental terms that meet your needs. If you find a machine you're interested in, fill out our online quote form to get more information.