Light Towers

Louisiana Rents offers versatile solutions for companies that work throughout the day and night. We supply rental light towers to Louisiana businesses and organizations with unique schedules and challenges. Whether you need a light tower for a special occasion or to complete a long-term project requiring after-hours work, our inventory has readily available options.

Using The Cat® Rental Store, you can browse all the site support products your local Louisiana Rents dealer has to offer. For more assistance in finding a solution that suits your task and budget, reach out to our representatives who can source the right products for you.

Towable Light Towers for Rent

When natural lighting becomes scarce in your work environment, our light towers offer a way to work safely. We manage and maintain light towers from industry-leading manufacturers, carefully inspecting each product to ensure it will perform reliably at your site. Our inventory includes light towers with extendable masts to maximize the area they illuminate. These diesel-powered rental light towers are easy to set up and operate, saving you time when your productivity is critical.

A significant advantage of our light towers is their trailer-mounted configuration. This design allows your team to tow and reposition your product to the location where it helps the most. Our light towers are ideal for nighttime roadwork when there's less traffic and for construction and maintenance projects that go from dusk until dawn. 

We can provide rental light towers for the critical projects that have to avoid interruptions to meet deadlines. If you need additional lighting temporarily and your number of owned light towers can't meet the demand, our rentals are an economical way of supplementing your fleet. Additionally, you can save on storage and transport by renting a light tower exactly when you need it. 

Advantages of Choosing Louisiana Rents

We partner with our customers to provide personalized recommendations for their specific industries. Our representatives and technicians will provide 24/7 response to your questions and service requests. Louisiana Rents can even send team members to your facility to cover maintenance and repairs. We also provide expert troubleshooting over the phone, resolving issues quickly so you can stay focused on the task ahead.

You can also customize your rental contract to align with your project schedule, useful for single overnight jobs or weeks-long infrastructure projects. With swift equipment delivery to your location, you'll have all the products necessary for your best work. Our commitment to contractors and businesses today is the same we established in 1933 — to offer top-notch service for emergencies as well as day-to-day demands.

Contact Us Today for Louisiana Light Tower Rental

The Louisiana Rents team is available around-the-clock to discuss your renting needs, whether at our facilities or online. We'll work as hard as you do to maintain competitiveness in your industry. Visit your local dealer in Louisiana to browse all of our available rental equipment in person. For more details about renting a light tower, contact a Louisiana Rents representative through our online form today.