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Renting equipment helps you offer more diverse services, grow your business and work efficiently while saving money. When you rent equipment from Puckett Rents — The Cat® Rental Store in Gulfport, you can access a large inventory of high-quality, well-maintained machines. Using machines only when needed allows you to avoid large investments, stay on schedule and reduce costs.

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Puckett Rents — The Cat Rental Store offers the following types of equipment rental in Gulfport:

Concrete, Compaction and Air Equipment

Puckett Rents has heavy-duty concrete equipment to help you prepare and pour cement and break through existing concrete. Consider the following concrete equipment options for your upcoming projects:

  • Concrete buckets
  • Walk-behind concrete saws
  • Handheld cut-off saws 
  • Walk-behind power trowels
  • Electric tools
  • Core drills
  • Vibrators
  • Concrete buggies
  • Mixers and mortar mixers

Our air equipment selection features powerful air compressors and pneumatic tools that can aid your concrete-breaking efforts. We also offer dependable compaction equipment to help you prepare the ground for new pours. 

Trucks, Trailers, Cranes and Material Handling Equipment

Rent quality trucks and trailers such as utility vehicles, water trucks and equipment trailers when you need to transport materials or smaller machines to and from a job site. We also offer water trailers with 500- and 1,000-gallon capacities.

You can rent a 15-ton or 17-ton crane truck to move heavy objects on-site, and we have an expansive material handling equipment inventory to handle smaller materials. 

Earthmoving and Landscaping Equipment

Powerful earthmoving equipment allows you to dig, move rock and soil and grade large areas. You can rent the following earthmoving equipment from Puckett Rents:

  • Motor graders
  • Dozers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Compact utility equipment
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Excavators and mini excavators
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Articulated trucks
  • Multi terrain loaders
  • Compact track loaders

Puckett Rents also offers quality landscaping equipment for smaller earthmoving jobs. Whether you need a walk-behind trencher, ride-on trencher or tractor box blade loader, we have the right equipment for your landscaping projects.

Aerial Equipment

When working at elevated heights, you can depend on Puckett Rents for aerial equipment. Our boom and scissor lifts have various weight capacities and platform heights, allowing you to choose the ideal machine for each job based on how high you need to work.

Pumps and Pump Equipment

Clear excess water from your work sites with powerful pump equipment from Puckett Rents. The right pumping equipment can help restore a job site to ideal conditions following heavy rain or a high water table. We offer various pumps and a reliable vacuum trailer to meet your next job site's needs.

Power and Illumination Equipment

Job sites require adequate power and lighting for effective machine operation and safe work conditions. Puckett Rents offers power generation equipment to provide the energy your machinery requires. We also offer light towers, allowing you to illuminate work sites when completing overnight jobs. 

Rent Your Next Project's Equipment From Puckett Rents

Puckett Rents — The Cat Rental Store is here for your big jobs and smaller projects alike whenever you need equipment rental in Gulfport. Whether you need immediate assistance or wish to schedule a rental in advance, our experienced team is available to help you choose the right machine for each job. 

Check out our available inventory or reach out to our team to find the rental solutions you need.

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