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Renting equipment allows you to offer more services for your clients while saving money. If you are looking for equipment rental in Madison, Mississippi, Puckett Rents — The Cat® Rental Store can meet your needs. From small landscaping machinery to heavy-duty trucks and cranes, we have the equipment for your next big project.

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Madison Rental Equipment

Puckett Rents — The Cat Rental Store has a broad inventory. Whether you schedule a rental in advance or make a short-notice request, you can depend on us to provide the following types of rental equipment:

  • Aerial equipment: Quality aerial equipment, such as boom and scissor lifts, helps your team reach greater heights so you can complete jobs quickly and easily.
  • Earthmoving equipment: Our extensive earthmoving equipment inventory features motor graders, articulated trucks, dozers, backhoe loaders and other essential pieces of machinery for moving earth and loose materials around the work site.
  • Landscaping equipment: At Puckett Rents, we offer heavy-duty landscaping equipment such as trenchers, ride-on trenchers and miscellaneous landscaping machines.
  • Compaction equipment: You can rent dependable compaction equipment from our Madison location, including options such as walk-behind rollers, ride-on rollers, rammers and plate compactors.
  • Concrete equipment: Puckett Rents is here for your concrete breaking and cement mixing needs. We offer concrete equipment rentals such as core drills, concrete buggies, electric tools, mixers and walk-behind concrete tools.
  • Cranes: Our crane rentals have maximum lifting capacities from 15 to 17 tons to help your team move heavy materials on any job site.
  • Air equipment: If you need pneumatic tools or air compressors, come to Puckett Rents to find a wide selection of air equipment available for rent.
  • Material handling equipment: Material handling equipment is essential when retrieving and moving materials on a job site. Our heavy-duty telehandlers and straight-mast forklifts have various load and lifting capacities so you can rent the machine that meets each project's needs.
  • Power generation and light towers: Puckett Rents offers power generation equipment and light towers so you can ensure each work site has the power and visibility your team requires.
  • Pump equipment: We rent out powerful pumps and pump equipment such as centrifugal pumps, gas pumps, trash pumps and vacuum trailers.
  • Trenching and shoring machines: Puckett Rents has steel trench boxes available for your trenching and shoring needs.
  • Trucks and trailers: Our truck and trailer inventory features heavy-duty water trucks, utility vehicles and utility-equipment trailers.
  • Water equipment: Puckett Rents offers rental water trailers with tank capacities between 500 and 1,000 gallons.
  • Attachments: Attachments expand a machine's capabilities and allow you to complete different tasks. Puckett Rents offers quality attachments such as trenchers, thumbs, hammers, forks, rakes and grapples.
  • Miscellaneous equipment: Puckett Rents has a vast inventory featuring support equipment such as welders, ride-on brooms, pressure washers and shop fans.

Rent Equipment From Puckett Rents of Madison

When you rent from Puckett Rents — The Cat Rental Store, you can offer more services for your clients without investing in a massive fleet. Rent the equipment your Madison-based operation needs for days, weeks or months and complete your jobs efficiently. Puckett Rents is dedicated to helping you choose the right machine for each job and ensuring it arrives on your job site in excellent condition. Browse our rental equipment inventory today to find the solutions you need.

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