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Each job requires different equipment, and it's essential to have the right machines on hand when you need them. Renting quality equipment ensures you have the best tool for any task, no matter how specialized — without tying up all your capital in long-term investments. When renting equipment from Puckett Rents — The Cat® Rental Store of Meridian, you can choose from a wide inventory to find the right machine for each project.

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The Benefit of Renting From Puckett Rents

Puckett Rents — The Cat Rental Store is dedicated to helping you meet your goals by providing quality equipment when you need it. We consider your project priorities, needs, budgets, schedules and projected timelines to help you rent the right equipment. Whether you need your rental as soon as possible or want to plan ahead, we can help you organize the ideal fleet for each job.

Our Meridian Rental Fleet

Puckett Rents provides the following rental equipment in Meridian:

  • Concrete equipment: You can mix and pour cement or cut through concrete effectively with quality cement equipment. Puckett Rents offers various concrete equipment such as electric tools, concrete buckets, mixers, and walk-behind power trowels and concrete saws.
  • Trucks and trailers: Transport materials easily with rental trucks and trailers from Puckett Rents. We offer various water trucks, utility-equipment trailers and utility vehicles.
  • Cranes: Our available rental cranes can lift materials weighing up to 15 or 17 tons.
  • Compaction equipment: Puckett Rents offers quality compaction equipment to help you prepare the ground and create solid foundations for each project.
  • Landscaping equipment: Our landscaping equipment inventory consists of heavy-duty ride-on trenchers, standard trenchers and tractor box blade loaders so you can complete lawn preparation and lawn care projects efficiently.
  • Material handling equipment: We have high-quality material handling machines such as telehandlers, straight-mast forklifts and material lifts available for rent.
  • Air equipment: Air equipment such as pneumatic tools and portable air compressors can help you break through concrete, asphalt, rock and frozen ground effectively. 
  • Earthmoving equipment: Puckett Rents has a wide earthmoving equipment selection for your rock and soil grading tasks.
  • Aerial equipment: Scissor and boom lifts are essential when working at elevated heights. Our aerial equipment inventory features lifts with various weight capacities and reach capabilities so you and your team can work efficiently.
  • Pumps and pump equipment: Puckett Rents offers powerful pumps and pump equipment to help you remove water from job sites.
  • Power generation equipment: Our high-quality power generation equipment includes portable generators, gas generator sets and miscellaneous power generation equipment to serve as dependable power sources for job sites.
  • Light towers: Puckett Rents has reliable light towers available for your overnight construction projects.
  • Water equipment: You can rent water trailers with 500- to 1,000-gallon tank capacities from Puckett Rents, allowing you to transport water easily.
  • Miscellaneous equipment: You can also count on Puckett Rents to provide miscellaneous equipment such as ride-on brooms, pressure washers, welders, heaters, brush burners and shop fans.
  • Attachments: You can rent attachments such as trenchers, thumbs, grapples and forks to broaden your equipment's capabilities.

Depend on Puckett Rents for Your Equipment Rental Needs

Puckett Rents — The Cat Rental Store rents high-quality equipment in Meridian to help you complete construction, landscaping and demolition jobs efficiently. We strive to help customers choose the right machines for each job based on their project needs, schedules and budgets. Browse our rental equipment inventory to find the ideal machines for your upcoming projects.

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