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You can depend on Puckett Rents — The Cat® Rental Store to provide quality rental equipment when needed. Renting equipment from a trusted, reputable dealer allows you to expand your services and complete diverse projects while preserving your capital and maintaining a lean fleet.

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Our Natchez Rental Equipment Selection

Puckett Rents — The Cat Rental Store offers high-quality equipment rental in Natchez. You can complete the following tasks and more with our wide selection of machinery.

Handle Concrete

Concrete machines are essential for several types of construction projects. Puckett Rents offers rental concrete equipment such as electric tools, concrete buckets, core drills and walk-behind concrete saws to support your work.

Air equipment such as pneumatic tools and air compressors allows you to break through strong surfaces such as reinforced concrete, frozen ground, rock and asphalt. Puckett Rents has the air equipment necessary to demolish old pavement and prepare surfaces for new construction. 

Prepare Ground Surfaces

Compaction equipment is important when preparing a site for concrete. Plate compactors, walk-behind rollers, ride-on rollers and rammers effectively condition and prepare soil, ensuring finished concrete maintains integrity after your team pours it. You can rent dependable compaction equipment from Puckett Rents to create solid foundations.

Pick up and Transport Materials

Puckett Rents has a wide selection of equipment for transporting materials. We offer trucks and trailers to haul loads, durable water equipment to transport water, material handling machines to shift burdens on job sites and high-quality cranes to move heavy objects.

Complete Grading and Landscaping Work

Our selection of heavy-duty earthmoving machines and landscaping equipment allows you to dig, move and grade rock and soil. You can rent the following types of earthmoving equipment from Puckett Rents:

  • Excavators
  • Mini excavators
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Wheel loaders
  • Dozers
  • Motor graders
  • Articulated trucks
  • Compact utility trucks
  • Compact track loaders
  • Multi terrain loaders

Work at Various Heights

Quality equipment is crucial when working at elevated heights. At Puckett Rents of Natchez, you can rent scissor and boom lifts to raise your team members to wherever they need to work. Various platform heights and weight capacities allow you to choose the right machine for each project's requirements.

Remove Water From Job Sites

Pumps remove water from job sites effectively. Puckett Rents offers powerful pumps and pump equipment to help you pull excess water from virtually any area. Whether you need to clear tunnels, foundations or excavation pits, we have the necessary equipment to keep your sites dry.

Maintain Job Site Power and Illumination

Your job site needs dependable power generation equipment to keep your operations moving. Puckett Rents has various generators available to provide the power you need to keep everything running. We also provide light tower rentals to illuminate your working area and make nighttime construction work safer.

Rent Quality Equipment for Your Next Project

Quality equipment allows you to grade soil, transport materials, work at elevated heights, break up concrete and perform construction work. Renting the necessary equipment helps you complete jobs efficiently while saving money. Puckett Rents — The Cat Rental Store offers reliable equipment for common and diverse tasks. Browse our large inventory to determine the best machine for your demolition, construction and landscaping needs.

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